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3 boxes → 8m

30 boxes → 8 × 10 = 80m

5 parcels → 6m

30 parcels → 6 × 6 = 36m

(a) Vera used 80 – 36 = 44m more to tie the boxes than the parcels


If the same length of string can completely be used to tie boxes and parcels, the length of string is a multiple of both 6 and 8.

LCM of 6 and 8 → 24

24m of strings can tie 24 ÷ 8 × 3 = 9 boxes

24m of strings can tie 24 ÷ 6 × 5 = 20 parcels

Every 24m of strings can tie 20 – 9 = 11 more parcels than boxes

Since Jack tied 44 more parcels than boxes, he used 44 ÷ 11 × 24 = 96m of strings

(b) Number of boxes Jack tied → 96 ÷ 8 × 3 = 36

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My ds has impression part b answer given by teacher is 40.


can u help to check again on part b?

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Let’s see…

3 boxes required 8m of string

40 boxes would need 8/3 × 40 = 320/3 = 106.67m


5 parcels required 6m of string

84 (44 more than number of boxes) parcels would require 6/5 × 84 = 100.8m


For my answer of 36 boxes…

36 boxes → 8/3 × 36 = 96m

(36 + 44) parcels → 6/5 × 80 = 96m

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Hi BigDevil. Oic. the question meant different length used by Vera and Jack. Part b has no relation to part a. No wonder my answer seems so weird. 🙂

Yup, it is 96m x 2 used by Jack so 36 boxes. 

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Oh now I see too!  🙂 

I was wondering how you got 116m…so it’s the total length Vera used for 30 boxes and 30 parcels.

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