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Hi, I’d like to know if there is a chance for me to be accepted to a certain JC even though I don’t meet the cut-off point.

To start off, here are the results received just yesterday that (sadly) didn’t meet my initial expectation.

L1R5 — Raw 13, 11 with bonus points

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to enter SAJC that has a COP of 9 for science and 10 for the arts stream. I’ve always liked the vibe there, it’s not too far away from my residential area and it offers subject combinations that I want. SAJC also seemed to be one of the very few JCs that allows you to enter the science stream without AMath.

I’m fully aware of the horrible subject choice I made in secondary school; I truly regret not opting for AMath when I could.

I might put SAJC as first choice during the JAE application — I’m aware the outcome is very slim, but I’m willing to take the chance. I’m also willing to appeal into SAJC in the case that I’m not accepted into it. 

So my question is, what are the chances that I’ll get into the school? (I do know it’s quite slim, I just need a confirmation). Also I want to know how I can appeal into the school from the JC that I’m posted to; I’ve heard that you can appeal online, and I’ve also heard that you have to go to the JC physically and talk with the principal. 

Thank you.




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Hello TJ23, 

First of all- Congratulations on completing yet another National Examination :)! An L1R5 of 11 gives you many options to pursue further education, so I urge you not to despair just yet. 

Unfortunately, your strategy of appealing to SAJC even if you do not make the cut-off is no longer valid. Some time back, MOE enforced a rule that JCs are no longer allowed to accept transfer students unless their cut-off points meet both JC’s requirements.  (Straits Times)

I would also advise that you look through the SAJC Subject Combination Requirements here.

According to their list of Science stream combinations, you would be required to take H2 Maths- of which a minimum B3 for Additional Mathematics is required. However, perhaps you could speak to your JC administrator about this issue in the future! Once you are a student, and as long as you can cope, perhaps your future JC might make an exception. 

If you need any more help, feel free to ask more questions on this thread. If you’d like to get a tutor- we happen to know someone too 😉 

All the best for the JAE, and don’t be disheartened! You always have the choice to be positive 🙂 

-Michelle, DingleTutors

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