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The earthworm and snail produces carbon dioxide as they respire. With the carbon dioxide and sunlight entering the glass bottle, the plants are able to produce food and oxygen by photosynthesis.

All living things need air, food and water to survive.

As food, oxygen and water from the moist soil are all available, the plants are able to survive.

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Hi Na,

This question is actually concerned about the ecosystem created within the jar as well. For 2m, it can be explained as such: 

All living things need air, food and water to survive. [necessary concept]

The transparent container allows sunlight to pass through, so the plant could photosynthesize. This allows it to produce oxygen and food needed for survival. [1m]

The air-tight cork prevents water vapour from escaping the bottle. The water vapour produced by the living things condenses on the glass, thus providing water for the plant to survive. [1m]

It is not specified in the question, but the snail is likely to have died due to insufficient oxygen. It’s a good question though, and would likely come out in some form for PSLE.

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Thank you so much dingle tutors

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