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b) Fruits that are feathery should be either disperse by wind(feathery and light to allow the fruits to float in air for a longer period of time, however there is no wind direction given in the question) or animals. (feathery or with hooks to cling onto the fur of passing animals). 
Hence, this is most likely disperse by animals where the seeds are found at random places. To indicate the position of O in the picture,Ans: draw O at random positions in the picture.

c) Plant P is dispersed by splitting where the fruit splits open and shoot out the seeds while plant R is dispersed by animals where the fruits are carried by animals over a longer distance. Thus, the seeds of plant R are dispersed further than the seeds of plant P. 

Hope this answers your question. 

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b) the circles should be drawn all spread out far away from the parent plant all over 

c) the distance between the parent plant and the young plants for plant P will be much shorter than the distance between the parent plant and the young plants for plant R. 


Plant R disperses its seeds via wind action because its seeds are feathery. The seeds will be carried much further away than the seeds of plant P, which are dispersed by explosive action. 


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