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This is a Quantity Each Product and Before Afte question.

      Quantity Each Product  Transfer  After
Boys  18 1u + 10  18u + 180  – 4.5u – 45 13.5u + 135 
Girls  12  1u  12u  + 4.5u + 45 16.5u + 45  

13.5u + 135 = 16.5u + 45

135 – 45 = 16.5u – 13.5u

3u = 90

1u = 90 ÷ 3 = 30

30 + 10 = 40 (amended for each boy)

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I feel the question is not very clear and can be subject to one’s interpretation. Missing key word is “total” or “each” in the question. 

  18 boys 12 girls Total Total boys’ balloons = Total girls’ balloons Each boy’s balloons = Each girl’s balloons
Before 18 (u + 10) 12 (u) 30u+180

Each group has (15u+90)

Each has (u+6). So boys have 18u+108, girls have 12u+72
After     30u+180    
Transferred from boys       3u+90 72
Solution       Khong Pek Mao’s Owlinker’s
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In reply: apologies for any misunderstanding in referencing to your answers. First glance on both your answers are logical so I’m more tuned to finding fault with the question being not specific enough when saying “As a result, the boys and girls have the same number of balloons”.

The table is my solution corresponding to different interpretations which I was trying to explain earlier. Hope it clarifies.

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To clarify your doubt,

     Quantity  Each Product Transfer After
Boys 18 40 720 – 180 540
Girls 12 30 360 +180 540

If each boy gives 1/4 of his share, all the boys also give 1/4 of their share. There is no confusion about each and total.


This is an open platform.

Everyone of us can present the answer in one’s own way, provided it is logical and correct.

It would be nice that each one could spend some time on answer presenting rather commenting on others.

We would not want this platform become a warfield.


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Hope this answers your question.
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