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Julie, Kenneth and Pauline had some game cards. The ratio of the number of Julie’s cards to the number of Kenneth’s cards was 15 : 8. During a game, Julie lost 40% and Kenneth lost 25% of their cards to Pauline. the number of cards Pauline had increased by 20%. She had 96 cards in the end. How many game cards did Kenneth have in the end?

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This is a fractional transfer question.

LCM (left)

J : K= 15: 8

60/100 = 12/20 = 180/300 (J)

75/100 = 15/20 = 120/160 (K)

   Beofore  Transfer  After    
Julie  300u – 120 180u  
Kenneth 160u  – 40 120u  
Pauline  800u + 160 960u  

20% = 160u

100% = 160× 5 = 800u

960u = 96

120u = 120/960 × 96 = 12 card 


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