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On the first day the ties in the department store were sold at $60 each. On the second day , the price of each tie was reduced and number of ties sold increased by 25%. the total amount of money increased by 10%

Find the price of each tie sold on the second day  ? can we solve this using percentage pl .help


You may face difficulties and confusion using percentage as there are  two different percentages, one is the number of ties sold and the other is the total amount of money,  in the question.

My solution is as follows :

First day —
number of ties sold : 100u
price sold : $60 each
total amount of money collected : 100p

Second day —
number of ties sold : 125u
price sold : $a
total amount of money collected : 110p

100u x 60 = 600u ——-> 100p
6u ——-> 1p
125u x a = 125au ——->110 x 6u = 660u
a ——-> 660u/125u = 52.80

Ans : $52.80.

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Using non-algebra method → concept of grouping/sets:

For every group of 4 ties sold on 1st day (can use any number that is a multiple of 4 because qty sold on 2nd day is 25% more):

Total amount collected = $60 x 4 = $240

Qty sold on 2nd day = 1.25 x 4 = 5

Total amount collected on 2nd day = $240 x 1.1 = $264

Selling price on 2nd day = $264/5 = $52.80

or you can use algebraic method by first assuming number of ties sold on 1st day = N and then following the same steps above.



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