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Hi all

May I check about DSA-secondary

My girl received Confirmed Offer from a DSA school (still waiting for result from another school), I understand that once School Preference Form is submitted and confirm allocation to a DSA school, we are not allowed to join S1 posting excise.

What if PSLE result outcome is much better and do we stand a chance to appeal to other schools with the PSLE result, and withdraw from the DSA school? 

Thank you.



Hi Maggiegeneral,
there is a DSA 2018 thread. Quick answer to your question, No, cannot.  Once you submitted the Preference Form, you are not allowed to change nor appeal to other schools no matter what your PSLE result is (unless the T-sore fell below the required score).  Vice versa for the school, as long as the CO is issued and as long as you meet the minimum score, they will have to give you a spot in the school.

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Thanks Tree Nymph.

I understood from MOE website that we are supposed to honor the commitment for the school allocation given to us. 

My girl received confirmed offers from two schools, one is a co-ed, the other one is a girl school. Mother and child are having different opinions over which school to choose. Any advice/experience to share with me? Thanks




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