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Hi, I am new to this forum. I am father of a 8 year old girl child. I am helping her prepare for Maths Olympiad 2019. She studies in grade 3 in Canadian International. Would grade 3 in IB curriculum be equivalent to P1 or P2 in Singapore system? Would she be answering the Olympiad Junior level test? Is it the same test for all ages under 14 age group or is it graded as per more narrow age ranges. I notice that many topics in Junior test are way too advanced for an 8 year old. Any recommendations on preparation books. My daughter has already completed the Casco Primary One Mathematics Tutor 1B book. What else would be helpful for her?


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Oh, I remember being at school and all my Olympiad Junior tests, it was a great time. I wish every child and student would be happy and honored to take part in competitions like these. Does your daughter really like it and want to take part? I asked it as no all from us wanted to be the face of the school on the olympiads. What about preparing, last years I used the help of some services. Have you ever use Reddit for essay writing? My friend told me that the best paper writing service reddit helped him often, so I tried it too. On the site I have mentioned you also can find other services, so you can read reviews on it and choose the one you like more. I think it is the best way to prepare when you have got a great explanation from the professionals, isn`t it? I wish you good luck!

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