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My son P5 is reluctantly go to math tuition, always late, homework not done, his result is drop.

math tuition teacher said his level now is at bottom P4, if he not put more efforts, his is unable to get better result.

I’m trying to convince him, but he wont listen at all, what should i do?



Dear Parent,

When it comes to Math, students tend to lose interest whenever they lose confidence in themselves. Always combine motivational approaches with Math teaching model such as I Can model for students who struggle with Math. 

You can try the I Can model with your child.

I Can model steps

1) Demonstrate how to solve a problem

2) Choose another similar problem and do together with child. Encourage child to ask questions. Praise the child.

3) Get the child to do a similar problem on his or her own.


In this way, child feels supported. Over time, he or she will gain confidence. 



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Hi Yvonne, 

Try to understand the reason for his dismal performance in Maths. 

Is it due to dislike for the subject or is it an aversion to the tuition class? There may be other reasons beyond this, you are the only person who can find this and help him. 

The rhetoric of “study hard, must get good marks”, may not work well with the child. Spent time with him daily, do or talk things that he likes.

In a few days, you will find the problem and eventually you will find the best solution. 

All the best. 

PS: Matters like this are discussed in the FORUM and usually not in ASKQ. You can post it there, you may get more refined reply. 




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Thanks for the advice, will post question in FORUM

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