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My child is in Primary 6. He solves maths problems using model method but he does not draw any pictorial representation of model. He visualizes model in his mindmand starts writing the steps directly and gets his answer right. Will he lose marks in PSLE for not drawing pictorial representation  of model? I have tried reminding him to draw pictorial representation but he insists that his school teacher has told the class that drawing pictorial representation is not mandatory. Even in FA 1 exam he followed this approach and he was awarded full marks by school teacher. But I want to double-check with wider community so as not to take chance. Could someone please advise?


Hi Pras,

Marks are sometimes awarded in lower primary for model drawing because the school is trying to encourage the habit of model drawing. In PSLE, no marks are awarded in the first place for model drawing. Hence, marks will not be deducted for the child’s failure to draw models.

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Thanks for clarifying

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Hi Parent,

It is not mandatory as long as he gets the steps right and the answer correct. However, it is always advisable to draw the model out because sometimes if the final answer is incorrect, marks might be awarded for the correct model drawn. Hope this clarifies. Please encourage your child to draw the model.

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