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Best A & O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore – Uptas Learning Hub 

When I first joined Uptas Chemistry tuition, it was just after A divisions. I had a lot to catch up on as I was very behind on work. I remember going into lectures and tutorials not knowing what polar and non-polar molecules meant. However, after joining the tuition, I managed to understand the subject more, but more importantly, see improvements to motivate myself to study for the subject.

The notes given were extremely helpful as they were very easy to read and understand. When revising for exams, it was much easier to go topic by topic with the topical “bibles” given. I found myself referring to these booklets very often during my revision period.

Chemistry lessons at Uptas are easy to understand and more importantly, she’s very helpful. Often times, when I have doubts, the tutors in Uptas will help clear them without making me feel stupid.

Not only does Uptas tuition provide great notes and lessons, but we can also go to the centre to study. The snacks and drinks provided definitely help to keep my motivation up to study.

I feel a lot more comfortable asking the tutor questions in class because I feel that she is able to answer my questions without passing judgement. Often times in school, the teachers will make a passing remark like ” you should know that by now!” Or ” you don’t know that?”. The tutor in Uptas does not do that. It makes me able to clear my doubts a lot easier and more confident to ask questions.

I asked to consult the tutor in Uptas about certain doubts I have outside of lessons and they agreed readily. She gave up her break time which she could use to rest to help me with my work, which I appreciated a lot.

During the stretch just before A levels, it was hard to find places to study as libraries were filled. Uptas Learning Hub provided not just a place to study comfortably, but also foods and drinks to keep me going.

I managed to pass my chemistry for the first time after going for Uptas Chemistry tuition. My whole JC life consisted of Us for chemistry but after joining Uptas Chemistry tuition, I managed to pass. The tutor also rewarded me with a voucher for my improvement which kept me motivated to study.


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Getting good grades in o and a levels is not too easy, hence tuitions are recommended. Due to a failure to get desired grades, many actually turn to a fake diploma as an option. But this is not the way to go.

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