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Hi, I am taking o level this year. I am in conflict whether I should choose to take psychology in poly or JC? Which is better? People are saying poly is good for learning the fieldwork, write essays and research papers, also that it will be easier in uni if I take poly. But if I take JC then I would not have fieldwork experience and also no experience in writing essays and research papers. The good thing about JC is that it will be easier to get into university. So if I take poly, instead of getting in local uni can I get into universities overseas easily with a proper score?


Are you interested in pursuing psychology at university?
If so,  I would recommend going through the JC route.
Personally I went through the JC route, and took psychology as my degree.
Psychology at university requires both good writing and reading skillsets, and also good statistical knowledge.
JC prepares you in the writing/reading through GP, and the mathematics at JC level will prep you for the statistics.
Not too sure about poly.

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You can take JS, and as you say it yourself, this will allow you to get to the university more easily. At the expense of poly and writing various research papers, there is an option. You can always get help choosing TOP research paper writing service by reading the reviews where you can reach for help in writing any paper. On the other hand, if you want to work in the field and you are interested, then choose poly. It will be harder to get to a university abroad, but it seems that it is what you want. Choose the option that you are more passionate about.

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