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Hi, please help

Sandra and Denise had $486 altogether.  The ratio of Sandra’s money to Denise’s money was 5:4.  After each of them gave away the same amount of money, the ratio became 5:2 respectively.  How much money did both girls give away altogether?


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x+y = 486

x/y = 5/4

(x-z)/(y-z) = 5/2

x=270, y=216, z=180

total give up = 2*z = 360

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5 + 4 = 9 units in total

9 units = 486

1 unit = 54

Sandra had 270

Denise had 216

As you can see these numbers are quite close, to become a skewed ratio of 5:2, they both have to give away very large amount.

Using trial and error, you can try a few numbers. 
If both give away 180, you have 90 and 36 left. This will give ratio of 5:2

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Thanks Adwin.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. The question asks for the money they gave away altogether, not individually. So, isn’t it 20 units instead of 10 units? If that’s the case, shouldn’t the answer be $360?

Kindly advise and thanks.




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Yes. You are correct. That’s a mistake on my part.

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Hi Adwin,

Thank you and we learn together.

Kindly stay safe.




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