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Hi! I totally understand and feel for your child about how they feel about geography being a very content heavy subject. Personally, i took Pure Geography in Secondary school because I really love Geography:)) I started making notes in sec 3 and drew mindmaps to help me connect the topics better. I realised the power of studying by making mindmaps after seeing a huge jump in my grades. After I started using mindmaps to study, I have always been the top 3 students in the cohort for every test/exam. I strongly believe that mindmaps are super good for memory work as all the factors are all neatly written out on one single paper and we can easily connect the factors together. I have inserted a sample of my personal geography study notes to show you how I studied geography. With my notes, I managed to get A1 for O-levels pure geography and top in the level for prelims and was awarded the Geography Award 🙂 Do feel free to approach me for any help ~ 

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Hi avocadernize! For chemistry, perhaps it might be helpful for your child to study in a bite-size manner so that the challenging subject seem less overwhelming. Review 1 unit/chapter a day, do a few practice questions, and slowly build confidence. Once your child experiences the sense of achievement that she can master the concepts, slowly she will start finding chemistry less difficult. For chemical reactions, mindmaps might be helpful so that at one glance, she can review and recap easily. Hope this helps!

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Hi! It’s not uncommon for students to struggle with content heavy subjects like Geography. Given the new syllabus shift for geography, I find that it is more useful to adopt a multi-prong approach to learning these geography. 

Prong 1: Pay close attention in class and make the consistent effort to make notes as the teacher goes the chapter. 

Personally, I find that mind-maps help to summaries and collate information from each sub-section but students should also pay attention to how each of the sub-sections relate to each other. Looking at the more recent O levels paper – questions tend to expect students to synthesize information from different parts of the sub section together. Hence, I would recommend a short point-form notes to link each of the sections together. 


Prong 2: Exposure to past-year papers 

The 8m LORMs essay question and Section A – Geographical Investigation tend to be quite repetitive. Exposure to the commonly tested questions will definitely be helpful. However, I do caution against blind regurgitation and memorisation. Practice with understanding. 


Prong 3: Exercise critical thinking 

Contrary  to popular belief, O levels geography does not only confine you to content from Sec 3 & 4 textbook. In sec 1 – students are exposed to key geographical concepts like – Space / Place / Scale …etc. Essays that truly stands out at O levels and score the A1 demonstrates the ability to explain the content taught at Sec 3 & 4 and make links and evaluations based on these key geographical concepts. I do realize from many years of giving geography tuition that most schools struggle to complete the syllabus and spent too little time inculcating in students these important critical thinking / evaluation skills. There are increasingly more tuition centers specialising in humanities as many forward-thinking parents realized that it’s insufficient to just rely on memorizing the textbook and school alone. 

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Every person (both children and adults) have unique ways of learning and studying that work best for them. The first step is to find out whether your child is more of a visual learner, kinaesthetic learner, auditory learner, etc.

Visual learners learn best through diagrams, so it may be useful to draw mindmaps and charts.

Kinaesthetic learners learn through movement, so writing down information helps to commit it to memory.

Auditory learners learn through sound, so recording things on the phone that need to be remembered and replaying that recording can also be useful

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