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       Can your answer some science questions my sons have been asking me lately? 

 1. Can chickens fly?

2. Do sharks lay eggs?

3. For digestive systems, which part of the digestive systems digest the most?

      Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Sorry for troubling you!

                                      Yours truly,


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  1. No, chickens cannot fly. 
  2. No. Majority of sharks give birth to live young while the rest lay eggs.
  3. Small Intestine. 

Hope this helps!

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  1. Strictly speaking, chickens are flightless birds, and cannot technically ‘fly’. However, they can get some short airtime by jumping and flapping their wings, which allows them to get several metres off the ground, at least.
  2. Most sharks do not lay eggs, even though they are fishes (which usually do lay eggs)
  3. Most digestion takes place in the small intestine, and stomach.
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Hi there, happy to help.

  1. No chickens cannot fly. They are flightless birds just like an ostrich and emu.
  2. No in general sharks do not lay eggs though there are a few exceptions. Sharks, despite being fishes, give birth to live young.
  3. The small intestine in the digestive system is responsible for the majority of the digestion that occurs within our body. It also is the organ whereby digestion is completed and digested products are absorbed into our blood stream.

Hope this helps! All the best to your sons 🙂

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