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Hi All parent,

I would like to check which primary school is good in Chua Chu Kang ?

The 1km primary school from my house are:

  1. South View Primary School
  2. Chua Chu Kang Primary School
  3. Concord Primary School

2KM is -De La Salle Primary School

My kids are born in 2015 . will be enroll in 2022.

Do comment on the  attached.



Yan Nee


I think Chua Chu Kang Primary School is suitable because it is near your house and the teaching quality is very good. My son used to study here. 

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Based on other reviews from parents in Kiasuparents, it seems that South View and Concord have about the same rating, 2.75/5 stars, while CCK has the lowest at 2.15 stars

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I don’t know for you but I’ll give you this picture you decide


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However, Concord Primary has 4.75 stars on Google. 

Perhaps you can try visiting their websites to look at the facilities available as well 

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