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i think it is rare, but there are tutors who provide literature tuition. my daughter had a pretty good tutor teaching her both literature and english back in the day..

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Hey, I am a JC student offering a English Literature tuition crash-course during the November and December holidays.

My credentials include:

GEP alumni
4A*s at PSLE

Top in level for Literature from Sec 2 to Sec 4 in a top secondary school
Took advanced Literature in Sec 3 – 4

Humanities Programme scholar in top JC

I can provide personalised feedback and advice to improve your dd/ds’ analysis and writing, which is also useful for various other essay-writing subjects. I am also aware of what teachers and schools are looking out for, and can guide accordingly. I am offering offer 1.5 hour weekly individual sessions through the school holidays for $50 each class.

If you (or anyone else coming across this post) are at all interested, you can contact me here or at to enquire and find out more. Hope I can help your dd/ds out – Literature is a wonderful subject, and any student can definitely learn it well if they have the right foundation and guidance. 🙂

Thank you! Hope everyone is staying safe and taking care.

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Yes, especially if the subject is the elective in upper secondary. Mostly offered by individuals or tuition centre specialising in  language/literature tuition only.

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@tzeshawn Thank you! Any recommendations?

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I personally have not tried any but you can research on

or even some individual ones on carousell platform

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