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Hi All Parents,

My daughter, currently Sec 2, is facing bullying in school.  

She was being ostracised by some of her classmates in her class for no apparent reasons.  When she tried to reach out to her classmates that ostracised her, the classmates gave feeble excuses that she is too clingy.  So I did send my daughter to a psychologist to work on this matter and it seems to be improving.

My daughter reached out to her former friends to extend an olive branch and was rudely rejected.  I advised my daughter to move on.  My daughter didn’t communicate with those friends again.  Then shortly after, the trolling began.  The friends began to post rude hinting messages to my daughter, causing her mental distress.  I have approached the school teachers for help, but it seems to backfire on my daughter.  The trolls began to spread rumours saying my daughter is a telltale.

My daughter is now very sad.  Please advise me what I can do.

Thank you




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sorry to hear about that. With the recent RV incident and subsequent school students committing ‘worrisome’ acts, MOE and the schools are taking a serious stance in looking at the mental wellbeing of the students. I would say to reach out to the counsellor again. And to talk with your daughter too to find out more why some see her as clingy or possible reasons of their unfriendliness. Hope that helps.

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