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Assuming all are $2 notes,

63 x $2 = $126

$201 – $126 = $75 left

$5 – $2 = $3 more

$75 divided by $3 = 25 ($5 notes)

63 – 25 = 38 ($2 notes)

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Ehh I wouldn’t do guess and check. It sucks a lot and I would cry a ton drawing the darn tables. There’s a way better method and that is the assumption method. So I don’t have the time to explain as it is way past my bedtime but I’ll show you the solution :

Total (or maximum you can get in the $5 notes) : 63 pieces * 2 = $126.

Extra (Meaning the total/maximum minus what Jessie has, or you may flip the roles) : 

$201 (Jessie’s money) – $126 (Total for $2 notes) = $75

Difference (for each quantity per unit, in this case, one five-dollar note minus two-dollar note) :

Simple. $5 – $2 = $3.

Opposite (Magic step. This is changing from one thing to another by dividing Extra and Difference):

75 / 3 = 25


So there are 25 $2 notes. 


Note: Yeah I knew it, I checked this answer then realized I got it wrong. Yep, I should’ve done 63 * 5 instead of 2. Now I look stupid. Btw new answer = 38.




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