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I think the contest will help encourage the students to keep the classroom clean as reward incentivization is always the most direct and simplistic way to motivate one to establish positive habits. However I do think that the contest should have a timeline as after it becomes a student’s second nature to keep their classroom clean, the rewards should not be the main force to spur the students on to do the right thing anymore. That is to say, the good habit should be internalized in each and every student.

As part of the efforts to keep the classroom clean, each student should try not to dirty it in the first place. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. For instance, students should adhere strictly to the no eating rule in classrooms. 

When basic cleanliness is maintained in the classrooms, the cleaner can be tasked with more important responsibilities, especially so in this pandemic. 

In all, it is important to keep the school clean so we can all have a healthier environment to study in . 

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Maintain a good environment is dependent on the teacher in the class for giving them proper education about the discipline then they have interest and solve these queries same I was stuck in the website last few days hope so will get out of the problem and resolve it.

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