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Jenny had 150 more stickers than Helen,When Helen gave 270 of her stickers .Jenny had four time as many stickers as Helen.How many stickers did Jenny have at first.



Please help to solve this question.. Thanks a lot 😊🙏


So at first, Jenny already has 150 more stickers than Helen. 

Now that Helen gives her 270 of her stickers, she loses 270 stickers 

So now Jenny has 150+270= 420 stickers more than Helen

Question states that now Jenny has 4 times more stickers than Helen

Drawing model, Jenny has 4 parts and Helen has 1 part, they have a difference of 3 parts

Hence 3 parts is equal to 420 stickers, 1 part is 420/3 = 140 stickers. 

Jenny has 140×4= 560 stickers at first

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Sorry I can only use algebra…

J = H +150

J = 4(H – 270)

Therefore H + 150 = 4H – 1080

=> 3H = 1230

=> H = 410

and J = 560

So Jenny has 560 stickers at first.

I’d let someone else to come up with a “proper” answer 🙂

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Hi, I think the answer is wrong because you need to consider that the gap increases by 270×2 as one side gains 270 while the other party loses 270. Hence 3 parts is represented by 270×2+150

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LOL.  You are assuming Helen gave her stickers away TO Jenny.  I did not make that assumption because the question did not say.  Your answer would be correct if Helen did indeed give Jenny the stickers.

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ooh yea that does seem to be the case haha. Misread Helen gave 270 of her stickers as Helen gave 270 of the stickers to her.

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