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Address: 36, Bukit Panjang Ring Road ( 679944 )

Nearest MRT: Bangkit LRT

Bus Services: 920 , 922

Telephone: 67697255


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feedback on the effectiveness of ICT?


are there any parents whose child has graduated from Beacon Primary? Can comment on how effective is ICT? I am concerned my child is hooked onto computer if he learnt via ICT. 



Beacon Primary School

Does anybody know about this school?

How about it ?

Hi, Beacon Parent Volunteer Programme


My daughter is 2005 born.  I want to apply for parent volunteer for beacon, can anyone explain me the procedure?

thank u


Hi! Beacon is looking to be


Beacon is looking to be quite popular in the Bt Panjang area. This year (2010 intake) all the applicants for < 1 km in Phase 2C got in, but it is possible that this may not be the case next year – if demand is large.

PV for a year is from 1 July of the preceeding year till 30 June of the year you are planning to register. In fact some schools close the PV applications upto 2 years before registration.

Hope this helps.


I missed out the Phase 2B for Beacon Primary

As first time parent who is eager to register my eldest son into Beacon, I was very disappointed with not to participate in the Phase 2B in 2010 and i was told to register under Phase 2C in 2010.

The problem is that I didn’t know the registration for the PV scheme was closed on the 1 July 09 for the 2011 intake. Until I received an email from the school which they replied to me email and then later search the MOE website then I found out about it. The closing date for Parent Volunteer Scheme is 1 July every year.

I live with 1km away from Beacon Pri and does that mean my son will surely able to get in under Phase 2C??




Thanks Vividlaurel

May like to private msg with you later since you are in the thick of things, if its ok with you.There were comments whether the teachers are well-trained to deliver lessons using ICT and incorporate well into the new teaching methodology. So from what you just said, they are so good. I am more interested to know how different is the curriculum from a normal primary school? Would they be difficult to immerse into the secondary school given the different teaching methods?

Looking at Yr 2011 registration. How do you register for PV, to up the chances probably for my child even tho am within 1km?


is it? my apologies. i

is it? my apologies.

i thought this year is the first intake cos when i walked by the school sometime last year, it appeared to be only just completed.

Beacon -2009 is the 2nd Intake

Note that 2009 is the 2nd intake, which took in all 1km applicants for Ph 2C.

Despite the first intake

Despite the first intake registration last year, heard (from a ‘beacon’ parent) that for last year’s registration, Beacon almost have balloting for those within 1 km – ended up all within 1km (correct me if i am wrong).

Considering that this year’s P1 is the first batch, the competition for places in Phase 2C will intensify this year onwards as Phase 1 (siblings category) will take up some vacancies.

Beacon Primary School


Wonder the changes in getting into Beacon Primary School. We are staying beyond 1 Km from the school.



Beacon Primary School

Hi mummypumpkin,

I was a parent volunteer at Beacon last year (2008) and hope to complete my 40 hours before P1 registration so I do know a bit about the school.

What I liked most about the school was that the teachers for the first batch of kids were extremely passionate about what they did and it showed in the interactions between the teachers and the children. I also liked the fact that IT and ICT will be used right from the begining (Sem 3&4 from P1)

Are you planning for your kid for Beacon in 2010?


How has Beacon Primary fare so far?

Thanks Jedamum for the neat summary. Yes MOE site does have a lot of info. That’s the problem, too much info and one loses track easily as they are hyperlinks to more further details. But guess to be a kiasu parent, just have to work hard at reading them through and through! Anyone has feedback at the new concept school – Beacon primary?