[Total: 20    Average: 2.5/5]


2003. PSLE*

2005. PSLE*

2006. PSLE+

2007. PSLE+

2007 PSLE Results



National Average


School Average








Top Merged Stream Pupils 2007



Benedict Lui En



Marissa Chin Su Yuen



Leong Wei Ming Ivan



Lim Yi Xing



Top Foundation Pupils 2007



Muhamad Sholihin B Salman
(National Top Pupil with G1 in all Foundation Subjects)



Nurliyana Bte Mohamed Salleh



Erny Syazwani Bte Abdul M



Seah Shan Yu Angel






Joey Ong Zu-Er
(BPPS Top Pupil who offered a mainstream subject instead of a Foundation Subject)















2008 PSLE Results



National Average


School Average








Address: 109, CASHEW ROAD ( 679676 )

Nearest MRT: From Pending LRT station to Choa Chu Kang MRT station

Bus Services: 75 , 184

Telephone: 67691912


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:


Phrase 2A(2)

I wonder for phrase 2A(2), can we know how many seats were available & balloting needed?

Phase 2B

If we are under Phase 2B.Do they do balloting at Bukit Panjang?Pls help us

concern parents


how do i check if i am staying within 1km from bukit panjang pri sch?


Beacon is up and coming,

Beacon is up and coming, looks good to me….but of course BP has good history and established…

RE: Bukit Panjang & Beacon

 hi gracelcf2
If you still unable to make your choice based on the information on the portal on these 2 schools, why not join the other parents that are selecting schools in Bukit Panjang in the discussion thread of the forum here.
You can also read up about what parents whose kids are studying these schools have to say in the Parent Networking Threads here
Hope you will find the information you seek.
Good Luck !

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Bukit panjang primary and Beacon primary

I am considering to register my son for Primary 1 in Phase 2c (this year) in  ether Bukit Panjang Pri or Beacon Pri. I am staying within 1 km form Bukit Panjang and 1-2km from Beacon Pri.

Any comments on these two school. Which one should I choose? Both needs balloting….




Many Thanks for your link. This gives a clear idea on it.



do read the balloting distance requirements together with the number of intake for that year. it is highly likely that last 2 yr’s balloting within 1km requirement is due to the reduction in intake as the school gradually converts to single session – seems to me that balloting within 1km is here to stay for the next few yrs unless they increase intake.

it is still not too late to try to apply for PV since your kid is only in K1 this year.

Where to see balloting history for BPPC

My daughter is born in the yar 2005 and we stay within 1 KM area of the Bukit Panjang Primary School. Where do I see the balloting history for this school?

Appreciate if someone could pass the URL for the same.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Joeyz18 Do study the

Hi Joeyz18

Do study the balloting history of your choiced school.  The balloting history will tell u in the past whether there are balloting for applicants living within 1km. 


P1 in 2011

my son is gg P1 next yr.. i am wondering if i live within 1km, do i stand higher chances or shd need go thru balloting? tks..

Qifa Primary School

Does anyone know whether is Qifa Primary a good neighbourhood school? In Clementi, there are only 4 schools and Nanhua is the best of cos. Other than Nanhua, is Qifa a better choice? My gal is 2005 borned and we are doing some planning for her education… I’m just afraid she is too stressed in Nanhua so thot a good neighbourhood school will be an better choice for her. Can anyone give me some views?

Bukit Panjang Pri School


I intend to register my girl in BPPS under Phase 2C. But not sure will that school be too stress for my girl, as my girl standard is only consider average..

If my girl is been successful selected, will she be asked to transfer if she is not doing well?

Would anyone know what is the standard of the school?

Any advise?

How is Bukit Panjang Primary for Special Needs Kids?

I am considering Bukit Panjang and I understand that they have 2 SNOs (Special Needs Officers) for Dylexsia and Autism. I wonder how’s the environment there?

Balloting in Phase 2A

While there is that possibility of balloting, your ability to get into your ex-school (even the super popular ones) is close to 100%.  I won’t worry so much if I’m going for my ex-school.

Phase 2A2 needs balloting ???


I am a former student of BPPS but not an alumni member, so i am in Phase 2A2. Does this phase requires balloting also? Chances of winning the ballot?

Bukit Panjang Pri Sch or CHIJ Lady Queen of Peace (Bukit Timah)

I was former student of Bukit Panjang Pri Sch. But would like to put my gal to P1 in CHIJ Bukit Timah which is still within 2km. So which school is better and have a higher chance?

How has Beacon Primary fare so far?

I particpated in a comment topic but couldn’t locate it anymore. Any information about the school so far. I know someone replied on being a PV. Can anyone share with me his/her personal experience with Beacon Primary?

I am just shifted from

I am just shifted from india.my daughter is 2003 year born.She will be in pri one next year.To secure the admission can i do the PV.i stay in Hillview hights.Which school will be good for me ?

Mother to 2 unique

Bukit Panjang Pri is the more established one but this year’s competition is very great for those residing within 1-2km for Phase 2C.

Beacon although is new, boasts of using IT for teaching. However, one has to note that the effectiveness of such teaching is also dependent on whether the teachers are able to handle such ‘new-age’ teaching style.

Once when considering to shift to Bukit Panjang, I would have opted for Greenridge over Beacon if BPPS is unsuccessful as I am more comfortable with the tried-and-tested method of teaching and studying.



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bukit panjang vs Greenridge Primary

Hi Parents,

Need advise.  I need to register my son into P1 soon in Phase 2C.  Any comment on Bukit panjang, Beacon, or greenridge primary. 

Bukit Panjang vs Beacon

Beacon is a brand new school with hardly 2 years of history.  Bukit Panjang has been around for years, and has a very good academic record.  However, Bukit Panjang’s take up rate after Phase 2A in 2008 is really high… so there could be even balloting under 1km in Phase 2C.

What you can do is to try for Bukit Panjang first.  You can always fall back to Beacon subsequently.

Beacon Primary or Bukit Panjang School

Need to register my boy into Primary 1 soon. Need advise which better school for him to attend, Beacon Primary School or Bukit Panjang Primary School. I live within 1 kim from both of these schools.

Bukit Panjang or Pei Hwa?

The quick answer to your question is to try for the school <2km to you. <1km is even better. Bukit Panjang is likely going to have balloting for 1-2km in Phase 2C, but if you PV there, you are almost guaranteed a place in Phase 2B. Pei Hwa does occasionally require balloting for Phase 2B if you stay >2km. If I’m you, I would choose Bukit Panjang with its better odds.

Pei Hwa or Bukit Panjang Primary School

I stay in Bukit Panjang which is 1-2km away from Bukit Panjang Primary School and more than 2 km from Pei Hwa.  In your opinion, may I know which is a better school for me to do parent volunteer?