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2008 PSLE Results

Aggregate Score
Melvin Ng Jun How
Irsyaad Hasif B Ramlee
Tan Wei Kang
Brandon Tan Kai Jie
Seet Ya Rui
Mohamad Alif Bin Mohamad Ali
Farah Tan Li Yee
Adorabelle Tan Si Xin
Hsu En Yang
Shahrizal Jaffar
Andrew Kong Fu Sheng


2007 PSLE Results

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Chan Wing Kei
Katherine Wong
Mabel Chek Si Min
Lisa Koh Shu Hui
Lee Joo Yoon
Yang Zheshen
Muhamad Iliya Mohd Noor
Adrian Chan Kwun Shing
Hsu Jing Yi
Lim Qian Joo
Ng Ee Zhen

2006 PSLE Results

Aggregate Score
Julnise Ho Zhi Ping
Samuel Kong Ming Hao
Ivan Koh Yu Fan
Chua Bee Hwee
Hairul Azwyn Safi’i
Jason Chin


Address: 11, SIMEI ST 3 ( 529896 )

Nearest MRT: Simei MRT Station

Bus Services: 9 , 38 , 5

Telephone: 67830923


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Review of Changkat Primary needed !!!


Pls help. Any word on Changkat Primary School and Changkat Secondary school and its performance?

Would really appreciate your feedback.

Cheers !

I happened to chance upon

I happened to chance upon this forum regarding Changkat Primary School, and decided to share my personal views about this school. I am in fact an alumni from Changkat Primary (graduating batch of 2007) and am currently doing very well in Dunman High School. I understand that many people do not look upon Changkat Primary as a good school as it is merely a ‘neighbourhood’ school. As compared to well-known schools, Changkat may seem inferior, or possibly even ‘lousy’. On the contrary, I would like to clarify that such assumptions are untrue. As a student from Changkat Primary School, I must admit that the school provided me with a well-rounded education, which formed a great foundation and steeping stone into my secondary life. In the mere six years, I have gained so much knowledge from my teachers and my peers, which not only helped me ace my results, but taught me much values beyond what textbooks and school curriculum could offer. My times at Changkat had indeed been enriching and enjoying, and I have never regretted my parents’ choice of enrolling me in Changkat Primary over some ‘branded’ school. Therefore, for parents who are having doubts about sending their children to Changkat Primary School, I can assure you, Changkat Primary is indeed a great environment for your child to develop and nuture.

Changkat Pri

Wow, P1 registration is really  quite stressful even for me (not a super kiasu parent yet but aiming to be one). On the last day, I withdrew my son’s apllication for Temasek Pri after being told the 68 places were filled up by those within 1km. When I called up Changkat, I was told there were only 5 places left & might be quite risky if I’m satying more than 1 km away. My heart sank….but I tried anyway. Called up the sch at 5pm & was told there won’t be any balloting (100% taken). Phew….now I can sleep better.

any feedback

i am glad to read there is one good feedback for changkat, thanks to Mummyboy,

as this is the nearest school from our place, we are considering sending our girl here. however, it seems that it is not so popular and i cannot find any review or feedback for this school.

any parents who send their kids here care to share comments for this school? it will be a big help in our decision making.

thanks in advance

My son is in P4 Changkat

My son is in P4 Changkat currently. I would like to share my sentiment about the school. I was skeptical, like you, when I enrolled my son a few years back. During that time, I had no choice as I’ve shifted to the East after the P1 registration exercise. You can imagine my frustration during that time.

I was in for a surprise when I found that the school is amongst the few schools that has made significant improvements over the years. I started to appreciate how much work the school is putting in to help assimilate the Pre-schoolers into the main stream as compared to some of the more well known neighbourhood schools (K.PO around). Over the next few years, I could see how some of the form teachers’ efforts to let the parents understand the progress of their children and thier involvement with the students after the classes end.

Today, I will have no doubt about sending my K2 into this same school next year even if Temasek Pri is nearer to the place that I’m staying. I have absolute confident that my second child will be placed in good hands and benefit as much as my first child.


I actually want to enroll

I actually want to enroll my girl to this school as it near my place. but two of my neighbours kids are transfer to other school and said their child are more happy @other school. That make me think twice.

As changkat is just a neighbourhood school, so their principle is trying to push the teacher,parents & student to achieve better score, therefore I think the pressure is actually more than popular school.

The good thing is, they convert to single session class this year and kids have remedial class in the afternoon (free tuition).