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2007. DA-CD

2007. PSLE+

Address: 20, CHOA CHU KANG AVENUE 2 ( 689905 )

Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang MRT Station and Southview LRT Station

Bus Services: Bus Service 300

Telephone: 67661574


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:


Looking for jessielu

Hi Jessie
I have trouble contacting your sister at her HP. I would like to visit her to further discuss on being nanny for my son.

Glad you find the stats useful

You are most welcome, Fettuccine.  Glad you find the stats useful.  We weren’t sure if anyone actually reads that stuff :).

Thanks ChiefKiasu too for the Useful Stats

Thanks for the statistics too, especially the past year balloting history and take up rates.  It has helped us make informed decisions and be more realistic when choosing schools .  Maha Bodhi, Taonan, KongHwa all spell "out of reach" in the stats, excellent effort in compiling this piece of info!




Yes, I got into Chua Chu Kang Primary but am not over the moon, because I am not one who subsribe to neighbourhood sch, though rather stressed from the rat’s chase and am very pissed off with MOE system .  One forum mummy mentioned it might be blessing in disguise not beling able to get into DLS and I have yet to see if it is.

It's our pleasure!

Hi caroline3sg, it’s our pleasure and it is really encouraging to see the whole community chipping in to help each other out, weed out the myths and stay focused on our objective of getting our children into the most suitable school for them.  Hopefully, this will help future generations of parents be a lot more educated with the entire process.

I guess your kid is now in Chua Chu Kang Primary?

Thank you ChiefKisau


Thank you for walking us through this 2008 P1 registration!