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School Type: Government/Co-ed/Single session

School Vision: Global Learners, Discerning Citizens.

School Mission: Nurturing hearts and minds.

Principal: Ms Cheah Poh Lian

Affiliated Secondary School/s: N.A.

Parent Volunteering: To be eligible for registration in Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration Exercise, parents must join the school as a Parent Volunteer (PV) at least one year before the Registration Exercise and fulfil at least 40 hours of PV service before the P1 Registration starts. (To be safe, enquire early. Different requirements may apply for Permanent Residents.)

Parent Volunteering Details:

Open House: N.A.

P1 Registration Details:

Alumni: N.A.

Religious/Clan Affiliation: N.A.

Religious/Clan Affiliation Details: N.A.  

Mother Tongue:
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Higher Tamil

Foundation Subjects:

Special Assistance Plan (SAP): N.A.

Gifted Education Programme (GEP): N.A.

Distinctive Programmes:

Physical Sports

Uniformed Groups
Red Cross

Visual & Performing Arts
Art & Craft Club
Dance (Chinese)
Dance (Indian)
Dance (Malay)
Ensemble (Angklung/Kulintang)
Modern Jazz

Clubs & Societies
Library Club
Journalist Club
Robotics Club

School-based Student Care: Yes

School Bus Service:


MOE Policy: All schools are equipped with barrier-free features on the ground floor. This includes handicapped toilets and ramps to common areas such as the main entrance, general office, and canteen. In addition, schools with full handicap facilities are retrofitted with features such as lifts, connectivity between blocks, handicapped toilets, and ramps on the upper levels. Such schools are located across the island. In line with regulatory requirements, all new schools and schools undergoing major upgrading will be provided with barrier-free enhancements, including additional lifts, handicapped toilets, and ramps.

Full Handicap Facilities: N.A.

Allied Educator/s:

MOE Guides:


MOE Awards (2016)

Development Award
DA (Character Development)

Extracurricular Achievements

Details available on MOE’s School Information Service.

School Highlights:

Academic Achievements



Address: 2, YISHUN STREET 71 ( 768515 )

Nearest MRT: Yishun MRT Station

Bus Services: 167 , 169 , 171 , 800 , 811 , 812 , 856 , 858 , 859 , 969 , 980

Telephone: 67586472


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:

Primary school yishun/sembawang

I’m in the same predicament. I’m torn between choosing a competitive surrounding in a good school like Northland…but I know it’s gonna be tough to enter. Nearer to home are Jiemin, Peiying and maybe Yishun Primary… My husband has the same thinking as pinkixora in that, it really depends on the child’s attitude. Perhaps I should take heed and reconsider.

School in Yishun/Sembawang


Northland Pri is worth trying, but you have to take a risk in case your child is not balloted, you may end up not even getting into Jiemin Pri.

My 3 kids are all in Jiemin Pri, an average sch, but my eldest graduated last yr with great PSLE scores. I agree a good pri sch is important, but sometimes you and yr child’s attitude is even more importatnt.

I have several friends with children in Chongfu and Northland, but due to the competitiveness, many of them have to start tuition in all subjects since Pri 1…  

Think about wht you really want for your child. Good Luck!


School in Sembawang/ Yishun


Like u mentioned, chances at northland is slim, so you may want to seriously consider Jiemin.

School in Sembawang/ Yishun


My girl is registering in primary one this coming July, she has a few choices:-

1) Sembawang Pri – Phase 2C(1km)

2) Ahmad Ibrahim Pri – Phase 2C (1km)

3) North View Pri – Phase 2C (1km)

4) Northland Pri – Phase 2C (2 km) – using my mum as guardian (but unlikely cos think my mum house is more than 1 km)

5) Jiemin Pri – Phase 2A – As I am a former student from there and its near to my mum house as well. Good for convenient

Actually I join the clan but was not eiligible as my membership is less than a year.

Please advice which school should be seriously considered. I know northland is good compared to the rest, but the chances will be very very slim.



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