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School Type: Government/Co-ed/Single session

School Vision: Excellence in Attitude, Excellence in Life.

School Mission: To develop a confident person, an active contributor, a concerned citizen and a conscientious learner.

Principal: Mr Chris Loh Kai Mun

Affiliated Secondary School/s: N.A.

Parent Volunteering: To be eligible for registration in Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration Exercise, parents must join the school as a Parent Volunteer (PV) at least one year before the Registration Exercise and fulfil more than 40 hours of PV service (it can be 40 hours, 30 minutes) before the P1 Registration starts. (To be safe, enquire early. Different requirements may apply for Permanent Residents.)

Parent Volunteering Details: For details, call the main line to be directed to the teacher in charge.

Open House: 10–12 July 2017 (Monday–Wednesday); one-hour slots available from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Registration form:

P1 Registration Details: N.A.


Religious/Clan Affiliation: N.A.

Religious/Clan Affiliation Details: N.A. 

Mother Tongue:
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Higher Tamil

Foundation Subjects:

Special Assistance Plan (SAP): N.A.

Gifted Education Programme (GEP): N.A.

Distinctive Programmes:


School-based Student Care: Yes

School Bus Service:


MOE Policy: All schools are equipped with barrier-free features on the ground floor. This includes handicapped toilets and ramps to common areas such as the main entrance, general office, and canteen. In addition, schools with full handicap facilities are retrofitted with features such as lifts, connectivity between blocks, handicapped toilets, and ramps on the upper levels. Such schools are located across the island. In line with regulatory requirements, all new schools and schools undergoing major upgrading will be provided with barrier-free enhancements, including additional lifts, handicapped toilets, and ramps.

Full Handicap Facilities: N.A.

Allied Educator/s:

MOE Guides:


MOE Awards (2016)

Best Practice
BP (Staff Well-Being and Development)

Extracurricular Achievements

Details available on MOE’s School Information Service.

School Highlights:

Academic Achievements

School Highlights:

2008 PSLE Results  

Top PSLE Scorers (Merged Stream)

Rank  Name  Class  Aggregate
Png Rou Jing 6A  271
Mak Ziyuan, Terence  6A  266
Muhammad Syahid b Sulaiman 6A 264
4 Hu Jiayi 6A  263
  Teo Yik Ting 6A 263
5 Wong Wai Yuin 6A 259
6 Chen Jia Sheng 6A 258
7 Choo Jie Ling 6A 257
  Swedha Rajaram 6A 257
8 Chuah Wen Yi, Daniel 6A 256
  Fawziah bte Shaik Chentha 6A  256

Top PSLE Scorers (EM3)

Rank  Name  Class  Aggregate
Nur Zalikha bte Johari 6I 130
Muhammad Izhar b Yakob 6I 125

Nur Rashidah Humairah

6J 125

2007 PSLE Results

 Top PSLE Scorers

Rank  Name  Class  Aggregate
Celine Tham Yi Xin  6A  274
Ng Yong Sheng  6A  269
Chu Hui Ting  6A 267
4 Cheong Jie Hui  6A  263
Lim Guo Sheng  6A  263
Sun Yu Meng  6A  263
5 Chew Choon Hian  6A  262
6 Dwanive Ong Ping Ning  6A  261
Chen Fang  6B  258
Daniel Chia Ming Jun  6A  258
Yeo Li Jie Titus  6A  258


Address: 30, JURONG WEST ST 61 ( 648368 )

Nearest MRT: Pioneer MRT Station

Bus Services: 257

Telephone: 67933419


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:

registered as PV

my neighbour’s daughter is stuying in the school, seems doing well. Just registerd this year for PV. 

if go for PV then I

if go for PV then I certainly will choose a top school. The rest will depend on luck. my two cents worth

PV for Phase 2B

 hi elfiedo
Phase 2B eligibility is only applicable to the school that you performed PV for. It is not transferrable between schools.

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Confused in many comment in this school

Hi, my son is 5 years old this year and is time to worry his primary school selection, my current  address is a stone throw away from JWPS, well my first choice is  West grove, 2nd choice JWPS and 3rd will be Xingnan, anyone out there can give any advise. I got some doubt what happen if i been selected to be a PV for these three school (kiasu lah) and once i completed 40hrs for these three school PV and what will happen if my kid is not selected for the first choice school can i go to back to 2nd choice school and will they treat us as phase 2B again? Hmmm… very confusing.

good or bad?

2 daughters studying in this school.. observe school is good in both English & Science subject……..**"school plus ++..caring teachers"**…even my friend who’s children are in secondary school,  previously from this school,.. says J.West Pri school teachers are a caring lot…

is it good?

Some said it is good, some said no. I really want to know the quality of this school.


need to reg for the eldest first urgently

looking forward in applying this school as I got 2 kids, first is 6yrs old and younger ones is 20mths

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