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School Type: Government-aided/Boys’ school/Single session

School Vision: Aspiring Learners, Inspiring Leaders and Educators, Quality Systems, Dynamic Environment.

School Mission: The holistic development of each Marist that blends faith, culture, and life with respect to his human dignity.

Principal: Mrs Woo Soo Min

Affiliated Secondary School/s: Maris Stella High School

Parent Volunteering: N.A.

Parent Volunteering Details: N.A.

Open House: N.A.

P1 Registration Details: N.A.


Religious/Clan Affiliation: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

Religious/Clan Affiliation Details:

Mother Tongue:
Higher Chinese

Foundation Subjects: N.A.

Special Assistance Plan (SAP): Yes

Gifted Education Programme (GEP): N.A.

Distinctive Programmes:


School-based Student Care: Yes

School Bus Service:


MOE Policy: All schools are equipped with barrier-free features on the ground floor. This includes handicapped toilets and ramps to common areas such as the main entrance, general office, and canteen. In addition, schools with full handicap facilities are retrofitted with features such as lifts, connectivity between blocks, handicapped toilets, and ramps on the upper levels. Such schools are located across the island. In line with regulatory requirements, all new schools and schools undergoing major upgrading will be provided with barrier-free enhancements, including additional lifts, handicapped toilets, and ramps.

Full Handicap Facilities: N.A.

Allied Educator/s:

MOE Guides:


MOE Awards (2016)

School Distinction Awards

Best Practice
BP (Character and Citizenship Education)
BP (Staff Well-Being and Development)
BP (Student All-Round Development)
BP (Teaching and Learning)

Extracurricular Achievements

Details available on MOE’s School Information Service.

School Highlights:

Academic Achievements

2015 PSLE Results

Average Aggregate T-Score 221.6
% Passes 100%
Eligible for Express Stream 83.8%
% of students who qualified for affiliation 52.3%

2007 PSLE Results

  • School’s Ave T-Score : 226.9
  • School’s Top T-Score : 277


Address: 25, MOUNT VERNON ROAD ( 368051 )


Bus Services: 28 , 93 , 100 , 135 , 155 , 158

Telephone: 62803880 (Sec)62827743 (Pri)

Email: [email protected]

Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:

Is Maris Stella High School is a primary just for boys?

Is there anybody can tell me if the Maris Stella High School is a primary school just for boys?


Maris Stella Sch

Can i have opinion between Maris Stella and Kong Hwa? Which one is better? I am in 2A for Maris Stella but only 2C in kong hwa


will try applying for son as well, now between 1-2km.ballot prob

hope my son gets a place. think will have to ballot for 1-2km. good school. had classmates in jc from maris who were turned out well

Hi There, We are staying

Hi There,

We are staying beyond the 2km mark and will be registrating my boy for Maris Stella under the 2B2 phase this year

Anyone has the past years P1 registration data, in phase 2B balloting for Maris Stella?


Maris Stella > 2km

hi sweetbaby
Based on past 4 years’ registration data, in phase 2C balloting for Maris Stella had been at
2006 – > 2km
2007 – > 2km
2008 – between 1-2 km
2009 – between 1-2 km 
if the trend continues, it is likely that balloting will be between 1-2 km.
Moreover, there are quite a number of new condos & private apartments in the neighbourhood. Thus, competition may be more intense this year.
Good luck !

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Hi, Can anyone tell me

Hi, Can anyone tell me other than academic results, is Maris stella primary school good in terms of personal development. 

Between Yangzheng and Maris stella, which is a bette school ? Trying to ask around  and good if somebody could give me some good advice.

Hi I'm thinking of Maris


I’m thinking of Maris Stella for my boy as well. The problem our place is beyond 2 km. Do you think I’ll have a shot at a place?

i am also thinking of

i am also thinking of sending my son to Maris Stella next yr. My biggest concern is the Chinese Standard. Also, i heard that MS is very academic driven and my son is not the most hardworking boy. So just need to hear from parents who have kids there whether it is really stressful for their kids?

Hi Cindy, I'm also staying

Hi Cindy,

I’m also staying in SK and ALSO choosing between nan chiau and maris stella.  But we are staying in SK have you any idea if we are able to send our kid into maris stella? Coz I read the MOE Website, they have the 1km and 2km category for the phases…  Actually I want my kid to be in maris stella as it is nearer to my work place.  Nan chiau is my next alternative…

Any advise anyone?

I am actually very

I am actually very surprised by the Chinese results. When you look at their Chinese exam papers, they are more difficult than those in some of the top schools.

And you are right, the boys speak English most of the time despite the fact that their assemblies are contacted in Mandarin on alternate weeks.



Maris Stella Sch (primary)

Oh, i see.  What abt a comparison with Maris Stella and St. Andrew Junior?  Which one is better?  i see the P1 reg is equally fierce, ot rather, St.Andrew is more difficult to get in in Phase 2C. Does St.Andrew is more balance sch in sports & ECA (they got big swimming pool and field wat! hee) comparing with Maris Stella?  wld appreciate if anyone can help toadv this pls. 

PSLE result of Maris Stella


hi, my boy is in Maris. Yes, unlike other schs, Maris dont publish the PSLE result over their  website. But the sch do well, for 2008, .  For  A and A*, English is 75%, Math is 68% and Science is 75%.  national level of an A and A* for the 3 sub is only abt 44%. . Exception-  Chinese, which is 77% compared to nationa level of  81%.

Tho a sap sch, most boys speak English. 



my child in Maris Stella

My boy got into Marist Stella by balloting for 2010.  I would love to get to know the parents whose children are starting P1 there next year.

PV in Maris Stella

I am also thinking to send my son there and have not heard much about the standard there.  Also, any idea if they have the PV program?

I think most parents

I think most parents wouldn’t mind the donations as long as the standard at Maris Stella is good.  I hope to hear abt the standard at Maris Stella as I am thinking of sending my son there.

oh izzit....but did ur

oh izzit….but did ur friend mentioned abt the standard at maris stella vs neighbouring pri sch?

maris stella & nan chiau


Got a friend whose a teacher in Maris Stella and was advised not to admit my child to that school unless I’m financially very sound. A lot of donations are expected…


maris stella & nan chiau

hi i need some advise…..choose between nan chiau & maris stella.

im staying @ SK and within 1km to nan chiau and was unable to make up decision between these 2 school,…………please help……………..