[Total: 12    Average: 3.2/5]


2007. DA-CD

2007 PSLE Results

Results by Subjects and Grades

Subject A*-A National
English 70.4% 44.2%
Mathematics 54.2% 44.0%
Science 50.8% 42.6%
Chinese 82.9% 81.1%
Malay 64.3% 75.5%
Tamil 81.5% 77.8%

% Exit Course Eligibility

  Special NA / NT / Retain
MCS 80.4 19.6
National 63.5 36.5


Address: 430, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh ( 319759 )

Nearest MRT: Braddell MRT Station or Caldecott MRT Station

Bus Services: 141 , 235

Telephone: 62566701, 62566532


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:


P1 2014 at Marymount convent

hi all

hope to get some last minute insight into what chance does my little girl stand to get a seat for P1 2014 in P2C?

we stay in yishun.


Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this interesting and great article.

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marymount convent

 is it possible to my child to be in marymount convent shes primary 1 this coming january 2012. is the school good and is this a christian school? thanks

Phase 2C supplementary - Marymount Convent

Hi Chief.

What are the chances to get into MCS under P2C supplementary for more than 2km without balloting? P2C available seats currently at 165. Shd i take my chance to register under 2CS until i exhausted my little hope for 2C @ st nicks? Appreciate yr insights. Thks.

Hi, I am keen to put my

Hi, I am keen to put my child in Marymount for 2012. Will the chances be good for one living in Ang Mo Kio Ave 8? I think I should be looking at Phase 2C, is that correct?

Any advice?

Thank! 🙂

Marymount Convent

hi all,


My child din manage to get into Rosyth for Phase 2C. 

I am now looking at Marymount for the 2C supp but am worried that the school will fall into balloting again..haiz



Marymount Convent

 hi babygal
base on past years’ registration statistics and the take-up rate so far, IMO, you stand a very good chance to be able to secure a place under phase 2C.
Good Luck !

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Hi, I am keen on this


I am keen on this school and would register my gal for P1. It will be under phase 2c.

Will I stand a good chance to get a place there?

Any comments?

  Hi, My girl have got a



My girl have got a place in the school new year P1.

Can anyone advise does P1 need to join CCA, if so can advise based on the following which one to join, do we need to pay extra fees for the CCA joined.

Artistic Gym

Rhythmic Gym

Speech & Drama Club

Dance Club



Marymount convent


My girl is there and she loves her school.  She has been  fortunate enough to have good and responsible teachers for the past three years.  Academically, the school has done pretty well over the years. Had achieved above than national average quality passes, especially in English, which surpassed even some of the more popular schools.

Next year, the school is considering implementing life skill courses like money mgt, home economics, social skills etc.  So may have two extra hours a week added to current curriculum.

The only concern I have is that the school has no affiliated secondary school.




marymount convent

Concerned Parent.

How’s Marymount Convent on the whole?