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2004. PSLE+

Address: 52, HOUGANG AVENUE 8 ( 538786 )

Nearest MRT: Hougang MRT & Bus Interchange

Bus Services: 74 , 88 , 101 , 147 , 161 ,

Telephone: 65101588


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school uniforms

My son transferred out of Montfort Junior because the school is too far from our home. I have some uniforms and shoes that are relatively new in very good condition, which I would like to give away. If you are interested in these items, please contact me at 90732003. Thanks.

School transfer

Hi my son is studying in Montfort junior in primary 2.But its far away from our home .Is it possible to shift school in middle of the year ?What are the procedure ?If its possible. Anybody can help in this.

How is Monfort Junior School?

Anyone has sons, nephews, friends’ sons study there?

How are the teaching staff ,school environment, programm etc?

Montfort Junior School

Does anyone have experience (i.e., have a child in this school or know someone in this school) with Montfort Junior School in Hougang?  How does it compare to St Gabriel and Yangzheng Primary?  Please share your thoughts on Montfort Junior School.  Greatly appreciate any feedback.  Thanks!