[Total: 21    Average: 3.3/5]


2007. DA-CD

2007. PSLE*

2006 PSLE Results
– 100 per cent pass rate
– 76.8 per cent eligible for Special / Express Stream

2005 PSLE Results
– Our pupils achieved 100 per cent pass rate (incl. EM3)
– 83.0 per cent of the pupils making it to the Special/Express stream

2004 PSLE Results
– 100 per cent pass rate (incl. EM3),
– 72.8 per cent (Special/Express)

Address: 50, ANCHORVALE LINK ( 545080 )

Nearest MRT: Sengkang Station

Bus Services: 156 , 159 , 161 , 371 , 372

Telephone: 64897905


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:


Confirm place of PV?

I heard from a teacher. Some school do give a confirm place for ur kid if your PV work is somethig special that contribution to the school. Road Marshall, cleaning works…is normal. May be a web site for the school event, if you are a  professional photographer, you can help to take picture of some school event etc. Is that true for Nan Chiau Pri? 

Worth doing PV?

I stay within 1km to Nan Chiau, so it is worth doing PV? Correct me if I am wrong, there will be balloting after Pharse 2A(2) which mean ur PV status makes no difference right?

PV Status

Hi Thanks

Called and was told that the results will be out by this month. Anyway, just recieved the letter – Rejected due to overwhelmed response. Cross my finger for the balloting in 2C now. There is a new primary school nearby – opp Blk318A, checked – it will be ready by Jan 2013. This is my 2nd priority – hope it will be opened for P1 reqgistration for 2006 kids. I just want a school near my place – dont know is lucky or unlucky to have popular Nan Chiau downstair. Anyone know any details about the new school? like the school name, single session etc? Is MOE change the balloting? less than 1 km is hugh area and esp with the HDB flats around, the no of kids vying for the school is no kidding. They should look into reducing to 500m or 200m better still or take into consideration of the no of years of living in that area. It is unfair that your neigbour who just move in and manage to get her kid in. Good luck to cjelynn and the rest who apply for PV with Nan Chiau.


PV status

 By  oct u will receive letter from sch to inform u whether u r selected for application for PV was rejected last year due to overwhelming response.i also staying within 1km .

@caroline_pal; @cjelynn

 Don’t wait! Just call the school and ask!

But I must say chances are slim. 2006 kids are registering for P1 next year, so your PV cycle starts from July 2011 to June 2012. It’s already September…2 months into the start of the duty cycle.

PV 2006 Kid

I am also waiting for their reply, sent in my application last year


I am waiting for PV status

Till to today, I have no news if I am successful or not although in May 2011, I have recived a sms that my application is being processed.

When do I hear from the school?

Anyone whose kid is born in 2006 has received postive or negative news from the Nan Chiau Pri on their PV?

I am staying less than 1km from the school.

We submitted our PV form in

We submitted our PV form in Oct 2010.


Your profile shows your child’s birth year is 2006. The rule of thumb is to apply for PV the year the child turns 4…meaning 2010 for your case.

How recently did you apply for PV? Perhaps you were rejected because you were too late?


 If you live beyond 2km, then don’t even bother with performing PV since you will be wasting your time. NCPS typically has balloting for 1-2km in phase 2B, so you won’t have a chance to ballot even if you had done your PV duties.

Reject Parent Volunteer application

Recently I applied to be a parent volunteer for Nan Chiau.  I stayed less then 1 km. Sad to say, they’ve rejected our our application as parent volunteer.

Not sure why. Anybody has any idea?

I wish to do PV too at NCPS

Hi, my son is born in 2006. Do they still accept PV this year (2011). My place is simply few metres over the 2km distance. *sigh*


PV for child born in 2007


Any knows when will the PV registration for child born in 2007 starts?



PV for 2006 kid

I went and applied today

PV for 2006 kid

Is the application open for 2006 kid?

I tink PV for 2005 batch

I tink PV for 2005 batch may have closed. Normally they will open for PVs 2 years in advance.

My son is born in 2006 and they told me to call back later this year to check.

Hi Yellow Daffodil

Based on past years’ registration history, Nan Chiau will ballot for 1-2 km in phase 2B. Whether it is worth it to do PV to have a balloting chance? That would depend on your own assessments.
Good Luck!

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Is it worth to do parent volunteer?


My daughter was born in 2005 and we live within 2km to Nan Chiau. I would think that we have no chance under Phase 2C. I suppose the only way is to do parent volunteer. Any idea what is the chance of getting in under Phase 2B since also requires balloting. Is it worth the effort to volunteer at all since we are within 2km?