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School Type: Government-aided/Co-ed/Single session

School Vision: To be a premier Special Assistance Plan school.

School Mission: To nurture morally upright, effectively bilingual, and concerned citizens.

Principal: Mr Mah Seng Thong Andrew

Affiliated Secondary School/s: N.A.

Parent Volunteering: To be eligible for registration in Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration Exercise, parents must join the school as a Parent Volunteer (PV) at least two years before the Registration Exercise and fulfil at least 60 hours of PV service before the P1 Registration starts. (To be safe, enquire early. Different requirements may apply for Permanent Residents.)

Parent Volunteering Details: For details, call the main line to be directed to the teacher in charge.

Open House: N.A.

P1 Registration Details: N.A.


Religious/Clan Affiliation: Singapore Futsing Association

Religious/Clan Affiliation Details:

Mother Tongue:
Higher Chinese

Foundation Subjects:

Special Assistance Plan (SAP): Yes

Gifted Education Programme (GEP): N.A.

Distinctive Programmes:


Physical Sports
ODAC (Outdoor Activity Club)
Table Tennis

Uniformed Groups

Visual & Performing Arts
Art & Craft Club
Band (Military)
Chinese Calligraphy And Brush Painting
Chinese Drums
Dance (Chinese)
Orchestra (Chinese)

Clubs & Societies
Science Club

School-based Student Care: Yes

School Bus Service:


MOE Policy: All schools are equipped with barrier-free features on the ground floor. This includes handicapped toilets and ramps to common areas such as the main entrance, general office, and canteen. In addition, schools with full handicap facilities are retrofitted with features such as lifts, connectivity between blocks, handicapped toilets, and ramps on the upper levels. Such schools are located across the island. In line with regulatory requirements, all new schools and schools undergoing major upgrading will be provided with barrier-free enhancements, including additional lifts, handicapped toilets, and ramps.

Full Handicap Facilities: N.A.

Allied Educator/s:

MOE Guides:


MOE Awards (2016)


Extracurricular Achievements

Details available on MOE’s School Information Service.

School Highlights:

Academic Achievements

School Highlights:

2008 PSLE Results

100% Passes for Merged Stream

Top PSLE Pupil: Ching Hui Qi (282, 4 A* and Distinction for Higher Chinese)


Address: 21, TAMPINES STREET 71 ( 529067 )

Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT

Bus Services: Bus 293 , 72 , 27 and 168

Telephone: 67856420


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:

Need advise, Can start to

Need advise, Can start to apply for PV if my boy is borned in 2007? I stay 1-2KM, what is my chances? 2B or 2C


1-2km,  phase 2C

Can someone pls advise if

Can someone pls advise if you would choose Poi Ching or Maha Bodhi if distance is not an issue ?

Poi-Ching balloting

Hi Maz3

which phase are you asking for?

and which year? 2009 or 2010?

1-2km for Poi Ching

Any advice on what’s the chances of balloting for 1-2km in year 2009

Poi Ching cut-off in 2008's Phase 2C

No it doesn’t.  The school did NOT absorb the extra 3 applicants who stayed more than 1km away from the school.  The 3 never even got a chance to ballot because the number of applicants less than 1km was exactly equal to the number of places available for Phase 2C.

this time 102 seat left

I guess it means that the school is able or has decided to absorb the extra 3 applicants – they may have info that they have some who are applying but will be on Leave of Absence – i.e. will be away from the country for a few years, they have withdrawals or they just increase their enrolment by 3

this time 102 seats left

this time 102 seats left for P2C in poi chin

But I cant seem to figure out what happened there last year. There were 108 avail, 111 applicants, but there was no balloting. And the site marks it in pink color – means "cutoff, no balloting for <1 km"

Anyways, pretty much same this time. Even if there is balloting i think there is very high chance for <1 km.


Re: Poi Ching Chances

the # of applicants for Poi Ching will surely shoot up at the end of today.

Re: Poi Ching Chances

agree with you…at first thot i got good chance, looks like now < 1km sure need ballot, sigh…stress!!!

Poi Ching chances

Hi, this is just my analysis. Poi Ching phase 2 C has been steadily getting more and more competitive over the past 2 years.

2007 – balloting for 1 – 2 km

2008 – all seats taken < 1 km

2009 – mostly it looks like there will be balloting for 0 – 1 km because Poi Ching reduced intake by #30 this time.  Also I think lot of people will wait to see whats happening in St Hilda Phase 2 C until the third day of Phase 2C – as you know there are only 45 seats there this time. So if too much competition then they may decide to apply in Poi Ching.


Percentage display on history page

hi chief

jus a small suggestion. instead of percentage of places it wud b gr8 if the actual number of places can be shown on the balloting history page. 


stress!! abt P1 registration

Poi Ching is just opp my flat… phase 2C still have 63 places if not wrong? Think quite good chance for me…

Anybody there ? any comments?

My kid is @poi ching. I did

My kid is @poi ching. I did both pv for st. hilda and poi ching before I decide poi ching. The reason is very simple. If you are staying >2k of the school, st. hilda is out of question, you will sure get balloting.
Poi ching in the other end is not so competitive.

Well, after my husband and me attended the orientation, understand that the principle is changing the higher chinese to imported material from China ,also lower primary doesn’t have exams. my husband said it is a good choice to chose poi ching as not so stressful for the kid.

one thing you need to prepare: their chinese standard is really high and strict.

Emm... understand how hard

Emm… understand how hard the decision can be.  Why not apply to do PV at both school and then compare? You will get first hand info and buy yourselves some time to make the final decision too. This is not Kiasu (ok, maybe it is).. but that’s the only way you can find out and tell which school to go. I think in the end, it all depends on 1) how much you want your child to be exposed to Chinese culture 2) how you view the "pressure" thing at primary level… more in a positive way or negative way…


can i stay with my mother in law and change my nric address

can i stay with my mother in law and change my nric address to her without renting out my own house? alternatively do the primary schools accept just my nric showing an address near them but my husband’s nric show another address?

Changing of address in NRIC

The address of your NRIC must accurately reflect your current place of residence and it is a statutory offence under the National Registration Act.  In fact, the change of address procedures for NRIC has just been tighted since 1 April 2008 to prevent people from supplying false addresses.  See here.

Changing your address also impacts lots of other services tied to you – your income/property taxes, loans, bills, etc.

What you are proposing falls into a grey area.  Unless you plan to permanently stay with your mother-in-law for the next couple of years, I would strongly urge you to consider other strategies for getting your child into a good school.

No school is good enough to risk getting into trouble with the authorities.

Can i change my nric to that of my mother in law's address?

My mother-in-law stays within 1 km of st hilda’s primary school which i am keen to enroll my daughter. i am aware that my MIL can do a statutory declaration but that will only be considered for 2 km since it is not my own house. i am wondering if anyone can advise me? i am thinking of changing the address of my nric to that of my mother in law and say stay there for the weekends so that i can better my chance. this is not conisdered cheating right? after all i really stayed with her after my marriag for 3 years before i got my own place that is not in tampines. so now it is lik ei moved back with her.

Is Poi Ching or St Hilda's Primay School better for my daughter?

You can do PV for as many schools as you like, but you can register in Phase 2B for only 1 of the schools.

You should base your decision depending on which school is <1km to you.  Both St Hilda’s and Poi Chin are top schools in Tampines… but St Hilda’s is generally accepted to be a better all-rounded school.  Very competitive and difficult to get in too due to its popularity.  If you PV in Poi Chin, you are almost guaranteed to get a place.  If you PV in St Hilda’s, you may be forced into a ballot situation even in Phase 2B.

Is Poi Ching or St Hilda's Primay School better for my daughter?

I would like to choose a primary school for my daughter, however I am not sure if i shd choose Poi ching or st hilda’s. I think most parents would think that st hilda’s is a better school but my husband is of the view t hat we should send her to a sap school for expoure in the chinese language as we use english at home.

i can only do PV next year according to the 2 schools that i asked. is it possible to ask to pV at both and see which one selects me? if they dont, can i appeal? i mean i have no special skills i can offer and i am not even a housewife so i think i really lose out to those moms who are full time homemaker and can devote all their time during school hours to pv.

any tampines dwellers out there who care to advise me?

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