[Total: 42    Average: 2.7/5]


2001. PSLE*

2002. PSLE*

2003. PSLE*

2004. PSLE+

2005. ODA-NE

2005. PSLE*

2006. PSLE*

2007. DA-CD

2007. PSLE+

2003 PSLE Results

  • Lim Jian Xiong with PSLE score 280. Top pupil -285 (National).

2002 PSLE Results

  • One of the top 10 primary schools in 2002 PSLE with good performance and Good Progress in PSLE.
  • Top PSLE Pupils – Aaron Chee Haolun with PSLE score 283. Top pupil – 285 (National).

Address: 21, Serangoon North Avenue 4 ( 555855 )

Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon

Bus Services: 73 , 315 , 116

Telephone: 64812273


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:



Hi all, im staying within 2km of Rosyth but may i know how early should i start registering for PV as my gal is 3 yr old now. Thanks in advance

1km in 2C

Hi Chief,


how about staying within 1km but in Phrase 2C? What is the history of those staying within 1km? Is there a link that i can see the data records? Does the school reveal how many applicants they have who are within 1km in Phrase 2C?

@ peppermintgoh

If you refer to Rosyth’s balloting history for Phase 2B, balloting has been confined mainly to 1-2km.  So if you are under 1km, you should be relatively safe, unless things change this year.


Dear Chief,

what is the chance of balloting in 2B for Rosyth within 1km.

Pass years need to ballot for those within 1km?

Survey of inviting Mobile Library (MOLLY) to RC 6( near Rosyth)

Hello all,

My name is Frannie Teh, Grassroot leader for Resident Committee (RC) 6 and my son is in Rosyth P2(2013).

I would like to get a survey from maybe residents of Sgn North regards to inviting MOLLY biweekly to Sgn North area. Do you prefer Sat or Sunday morning? fyi, I have arranged for site survey, National Library is waiting for my suggestion of days for them to come. Will post the update here again. TIA



I am going to move next to Rosyth School but am unsure my chance of getting a place in 2014. I did not plan this and am late for any PV application. What is my chance to get in…..? It’s so stupid  to stay next to a school but need to spend time travelling…..sigh….



Hi, if you’re children is quite smart, you could take a school nearer to your house for P1-P3. When the GEP Screening Test comes, and if your children pass it, you can go to Rosyth for P4-P6. Gives a different exposure. 🙂 And when your children are in P4, they should have the independence to go to school and back by themselves.

That’s actually my experience. For P1-3, I took a 5min walk from my house to school (CHIJ). This year (P4), I’m in Rosyth through GEP and take 5mins bus ride.

Xinmin is better

As said from Chief Kiasu, Xinmin school and Monfort school are pretty much the same. And especially when you are staying nearer to Xinmin, I think that you should enroll him in Xinmin. Just my opinion…

Getting a Successful Parents Volunteering (PV) at Rosyth

To all parents,

I plan to apply PV at Rosyth next year for my daughter’s primary 1 intake in 2015. Looking through all comments posted so far on chances of getting PV at Rosyth, I have to say it is quite dampening on my confidence level. 

Besides filling up the PV application form, are there any strategies that I should take note of? I currently live in Punggol, does this mean that I have discounted myself considerably compare to those who live within the 1km/2km perimeter from the school?

Just out of curiosity, are there any Rosyth parents out there who has the same situation as myself but succesfully getting a PV and got selected in Phase 2B of P1 Registration exercise?

Appreciate your sharing of successful stories!!


Monfort, Rosyth or Xinmin

If you stay within 1km of Rosyth, that would be the best choice, otherwise, you can safely scratch Rosyth from your list especially if you have not done PV for Rosyth.  Even PVs must stay <2km of Rosyth to have a chance to ballot in Phase 2B.

Xinmin is a more popular choice than Monfort, but they are both pretty much the same in most aspects.


Confused.  I’m a single mother of three.  My elder son is going to P1 next year.  I heard xinmin primary school, monfort junior and rosyth school are good schools.  My first choice is monfort junior as it is a catholic school and boys school and second is rosyth school but xinmin pri sch is the nearest to my place so should i register him due to convenience sake as i have a 4 yr old son attending nursery nearby and a 1 year old daughter to look after.  Any comment on xinmin pri school? Is it a good school as what i heard from my friends? Please deperately need your advise.