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School Type: Government/Co-ed/Double session

School Vision: Scholars of tomorrow.

School Mission: Nurturing competencies, inspiring excellence, empowering individuals.

Principal: Mr Ong Kai Tiong Eugene

Affiliated Secondary School/s: N.A.

Parent Volunteering: To be eligible for registration in Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration Exercise, parents must join the school as a Parent Volunteer (PV) at least one year before the Registration Exercise and fulfil at least 40 hours of PV service before the P1 Registration starts. (To be safe, enquire early. Different requirements may apply for Permanent Residents.)

Parent Volunteering Details: N.A.

Open House: N.A.

P1 Registration Details: N.A.


Religious/Clan Affiliation: N.A.

Religious/Clan Affiliation Details: N.A.

Mother Tongue:
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Higher Tamil

Foundation Subjects:

Special Assistance Plan (SAP): N.A.

Gifted Education Programme (GEP): N.A.

Distinctive Programmes:


Physical Sports
Rope Skipping

Uniformed Groups

Visual and Performing Arts
Dance (Chinese)
Dance (Malay)
Orchestra (Chinese)

School-based Student Care: N.A.

School Bus Service:


MOE Policy: All schools are equipped with barrier-free features on the ground floor. This includes handicapped toilets and ramps to common areas such as the main entrance, general office, and canteen. In addition, schools with full handicap facilities are retrofitted with features such as lifts, connectivity between blocks, handicapped toilets, and ramps on the upper levels. Such schools are located across the island. In line with regulatory requirements, all new schools and schools undergoing major upgrading will be provided with barrier-free enhancements, including additional lifts, handicapped toilets, and ramps.

Full Handicap Facilities: N.A.

Allied Educator/s: Yes

MOE Guides:


MOE Awards (2016)

School Excellence Awards

Best Practice Awards
BPA (Staff Well-Being)
BPA (Student All-Round Development)
BPA (Teaching and Learning)

Outstanding Development Award
ODA (Character Development)
ODA (National Education)
Outstanding PARTNERS (PARents, Teachers, and NEighbourhood Resources in Synergy)

Extracurricular Achievements

Details available on MOE’s School Information Service.

Academic Achievements

2011 PSLE Results

  • School’s Average: 99.5% (National Average: 97.4%)
  • % Express: 90.5% (4S); 83.2% (Foundation)
  • 20 students with 4A*
  • Student from Rulang with the highest PSLE score in the country for 2011: 283

2010 PSLE Results

2009 PSLE Results

2004–2008 PSLE Results

Pupils eligible for Special / Express streams

Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Rulang 74.4% 77.4% 78.1% 82.5% 84%
National 61.9% 62.2% 63.3% 63.5%  
Comparable Schools 73.0% 73.0% 72.6% 73.8%  

PSLE Quality Passes (A* & A)

Year English Chinese Malay Tamil Maths Science
% % % % % %
2004 53.9 90.0 85.7 81.5 55.5 49.0
National 42.7 79.4 75.7 77.5 42.6 41.8
2005 53.9 90.4 90.9 84.0 50.1 50.7
National 44.1 80.9 76.1 78.4 43.5 43.9
2006 61.1 89.6 88.9 75.0 62.7 60.3
National 44.0 81.0 75.4 78.4 44.1 44.3
2007 55.3 88.6 83.3 72.4 64.8 58.3
National 44.2 81.1 75.5 77.8 44.0 42.6
2008 53.2 92.1 85.7 90.0 57.8 52.1

 DSA and GEP results (2005-2007)

Year 2005 2006 2007 2008

(Direct School Admission)

11 14 18 14

(Gifted Education)

1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
43 10 49 11 57


53 10


Address: 6, JURONG WEST STREET 52 ( 649295 )

Nearest MRT: Lakeside

Bus Services: SBS 335

Telephone: 65657771


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:

back up plan

I should be shifting to somewhere within Rulang end of this year. within 1 km. and plus PV (hopefully they accept me), i will still need to ballot.

which is the second best primary school near by? i stay at boon lay drive.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!



under current registration system, ex-students are eligible to register under phase 2A. So far, there is no balloting required yet for phase 2A.

If the current system & trend continue, your child’s enrolment to Rulang would be very secured.

Rulang Pri Sch Alumni

Hi all,

Need your help on this. I’m a Rulang Primary School alumni. I have been hearing things like if I am an alumni, my child can enrol into the school with doing volunteer work or donations etc. Is this true? Please advise.

Thank you!

Not bother to try PV if you

Not bother to try PV if you stay > 1km from Rulang. The school has reduced the intake from 300 to 270. When the intake is 300, you may still stand a good chance if you stay within 2 km. But with this reduction, you will even need to ballot if you stay within 1 km.

PV @ Rulang & West Grove

 Hi bingjun.g,

I also registered at West Grove as PV but was unsuccessful after the interview. My home is within 1 km of West Grove. I applied as PV at Rulang but so far nothing yet. Called them a few days ago but they said to wait coz they have not done anything yet as the closing date is end of June. I am so anxious to be accepted as PV at Rulang coz there’s not much choices here in Jurong West. My next option will be to wait for a new school to be open at Jurong West St 61. Heard that it will operate from Jan 2012 … Not sure whether it’s true though. Hope we get to be PV at Rulang =)

It all depends whether

It all depends whether 1.) you get into the PV scheme 2.) and if balloting is required in Phase 2B during that year you register for your child ( if you are a PV). But then again, the school will remind you that those outside of 2KM will stand no chance if there’s balloting, even though you had done PV.


Hi Teresa,

You mentioned that the nearest school from your home is Lakeside and it’s within 2km?

If that’s your nearest school, that means Shuqun is even further, so minimally also within 2km, or worse, beyond 2km?

If that is the case, then you can forget about Shuqun if it again needs to ballot for those within 1km like it did last year.

Your fear of not getting into either school is very real, since you will need to be balloted in 2C for Shuqun, then in 2CS for Lakeside. Furthermore, as PR, you have only one ballot slip. So chances for you in a balloting situation is not good.

Perhaps you should just go for Lakeside in Phase 2C, and don’t have to be stressed over this whole registration exercise.


According to my understanding from friends and comments from this websites, it seems to be almost impossible for >2KM. Even 1-2km need to ballot.

My kid also born in 2006 and i have submitted my PV application last year. I’m within 1-2km, but when i submitted the form, the staff told me the chances not high…anyway, i am just trying for my luck.

PV to Rulang Primary School

Hi All, 

I just get the PV application form from Rulang Primary shcool, we live within 2 km, would like to know what kind of interest/telant they are looking for as a PV? How to prepare for the interview?

Your input is much appreciated.



Thanks bigdevil. Yes, my

Thanks bigdevil. Yes, my girl is PR, I intent to let her go to shuqun but I scare later both school also can’t get.

Re: lakeside pri balloting on phase 2C

Hi Teresa,

Is your child a PR here as well? If she is, then she qualifies for phase 2C registration.

lakeside pri balloting on phase 2C

I’m a worried mother …my girl born in year 2005, and i am singapore PR and stay in <2km from Lakeside pri. That’s my nearest pri school for my girl.

Look at last year balloting chart in phase 2C supp ( 137% ) . So scare don’t have any chance for my girl.

If i’m not wrong i should be under phase 3.

What should i do ?



Hi, I just get the PV applciation form from Rulang. My daughter was born in 2006. 

I am living outside of 2km from rulang , actually, the West grove is closer to me, < 1km, but they rejected me for the PV, so will also be very hard to get into that school. Thats why thinking of trying Rulang.

Is there any chance for me if I am PV,  >2km?

Thanks for your advice! 

How to be PV in Rulang?

Hi I’m a worried Dad who wants to help my twin daughters get into Rulang… Though they are born in 2008 and it might seem a little early. These are some of my enquiries…

1) I’ve heard that for PV there is an unofficial waiting list, is that true? What is the process to be a PV?

2) I can’t seem to understand the MOE charts. My reading of the historical data for Rulang is that <2km balloting in phase 2B was 100% (in fact 113%) successful. Does it mean that being a PV and staying within 2km from Rulang is almost guaranteed success. Of course I understand that trending can change for the next few years…

Pls help me..


Rulang-Good or poor?

Deer DDDeer,

Indeed, Rulang has alot of good teachers. For example the P6 teachers. Two of them who teaches well is Mdm Chng Hwee Cheng and Miss Tang Bee Hong(p.s. these are comments from rulangnites who experienced P6 with these teachers.)Rulang’s english HOD Mr Bernard Chan also speaks english with no grammatical errors. Going there needs alot of luck, wish you good luck!

phase 2B for 2010

I called Rulang, but the lady on the phone absolutely refused to give any details. Just told me to watch for MOE’s update tomorrow.

phase 2B for 2010


I have enrol my daughter for Phase2B last week, however, there are 52 applicants out of 46 vacancies. i’m staying outside 2km. how can i find out my chances? as in how many applicants stay more than 2km? 


 Hi Amy
Rulang will not need to ballot for Phase 2A2.
The balanced vacancies after Phase 2A2 will be splitted 50:50 between Phase 2B & Phase 2C.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Rulang Phase 2A2 - need ballot??

Would like to know what are the chances for balloting under phase 2A2? It seems quite hot this year with 132 seats taken up under phase 1A and left 168 vacancies.
How do they allocate under phase 2b and 2c then?

Rulang Rulang

I’m hoping…my son’s born in year 2006, i know it’s bit earlier but i’m eyeing Rulang. my two nephew and niece all graduated from there and my niece score welll in last year PSLE and entered River Valley so this motivate me more to try my best for my son in Rulang. Since we stay within 2 km so we will try if any PV available. Does it mean if we do PV and we have chance for phase 2B? Even we fail in phase 2B we can still try phase 2C with other primary school, right? The nearest will be Jurong Primary school. Even my son can’t enter Rulang, at least I tried my best.



Hi Chief,

My house nearest school is Rulang & Shuqun, if i dun get via balloting. Will they assign my son to shuqun ?


Rulang (Balloting)

To get into Rulang Pri really requires a lot of luck in balloting & guessed this year only balloting to be at 1Km. It would be a high risk to take if fail to get in & maybe a safer option to target alternative schools.

Fail in Phase 2C balloting


if you fail in phase 2C balloting, look out for phase 2C supplementary registration dates. those schools with remaining vacancies after Phase 2C will open up for registration during Phase 2C supplementary registration dates – distance priority applies too (ie if there is balloting, priority goes first to within 1km then 1-2km and then more than 2km).

registration of 2004 kid starts in 2010 – the preschool will issue a leaflet to notify parents of the dates. Phase 2C typically is in early august.

do i get a 2nd chioce ?

Hi Chief,

I am a newbie in Kiasuparent. i within 1km, intend to try balloting for 2C for Rulang. what will happen if it fail ? do i get to fill up my 2nd chioce ? or it is Ministry to decide why my son will go ?

when can start to register for my son who born in 2004 ?


Hey Anyone who has children


Anyone who has children attending Rulang presently?  Would like to enrol my boy 2 years later.  However, not too sure if the school is good in terms of teachers, system etc


Hi chief,

<1km. do i need to ballot?

me is the

me is the nearest school near my home.and it is very good.

i have checked a few schools in Jurong west.if rulang is full for Phase 2C,i am sure jurong west primary school is too.i guess have to go for shuqun primary school.

Besides Rulang, any alternatives?

I am sure I am one of the many brave parents staying within 1km who will try registering their kids for Rulang during Pagse 2C. I of course hope that there is no need for balloting for within 1km. However, if I should be unsuccessful in balloting, any feedback on other schools in Jurong for Phase 2C Supplementary? 

Rulang Primary


if my house there are two primary school within 1km (Shuqun Primary and Rulang Primary). If I choose to apply the one (Rulang Primary School) that is further from my house, will the chance be lesser but it is still fall within 1km? *The other one that is nearer to my house is just beside the house*

british council or morris allen

hi,could any one advise whether b/c is better or morris allen when it comes to teaching,

Thanks csc!!

Hi csc, thanks a million for your thoughts! I actually just dropped you a PM without realizing you have already answered me here.

The review sounds good but can’t help also wondering if the stress level is really high, as I’ve seen in Cheif’s comments. If it is significantly higher than other neighbourhood schools… ??? 




Hi RRMummy, I feel that

Hi RRMummy, I feel that Rulang is a very good neighbourhood school in Jurong West juz like South View in Choa Chu Kang. I used to hear very good comments about the school when I lived in Jurong West a few years ago. Good teachers, good programmes and good discipline. The management has changed then but the school still seems to maintain its standard.

Like South View, it adds values to the students. By that, I mean, it has programmes and staff which are able to help the cohort of students (mostly from HDB estates nearby like SV) to realise their potential to achieve good results.JMHO

Chief, Year of entry har...

OIC, year oh entry huh..  I was hoping you just invented some new calculator/predictor…  wah if so, can really get super rich in Singapore.. if that happens anytime between now to mid next year, can I ‘chope’ the first in the queue?? 


I was referring to the year of entry to P1.  And even though I have this time machine in my backyard which I use to scoot back to the 60s now and then for some ice-ball delights, no, it doesn’t travel forward to the future so, yes, nobody can predict the future except for MOE and the school principals .

GAve me a shock!!

Hi Chief, for a while there you gave me a shock! Err.. how you got to predict overscribe by 345% for 2009?

It’s typo error right? I don’t suppose there is any way to predict the %%, right? 

Rulang Phase 2B and 2C

According to this, Rulang was overscribed by 190% in 2008 and 345% in 2009 for Phase 2C even for those who stay within 1km.  If you stay outside of 1km and cannot get in the earlier phases, you don’t get a chance to ballot.

If you PV, you have a good chance of getting in even if you stay beyond 1km of Rulang, based on the last 3 year’s balloting history.

Your child will be in P1 in 2011, so P1 registration is in 2010.  PV should still be open for Rulang until June 2009 this year, but you should call them to confirm.  When you do, please share the info with us! 


We’re within 2km but out of 1km distance. Since you mentioned that we’ll not have a chance to get in if not <1km, does this mean that we can forget about applying for PV?

Fyi, my daughter was born in 2004. Is it too late to apply for PV now since I noticed PV for Nanyang PS has closed since July 2008 for kids born in 2004?

Many thanks.



Rulang Primary School

If you are up for the challenge (+ stress), go for it!

thanks...the HDB we bought

thanks…the HDB we bought is just opp the school, in fact I plan to do PV if necessary.

Waht say you?  

Rulang Primary School

Rulang is undoubtedly one of the best schools in the western part of Singapore, at least academically.  It is very popular, since there aren’t many "branded" schools in the area, so you will not have a chance to get in unless you are staying <1km to the school.

Rulang Primary School

We just brought a HDB at St 52 Jurong West.

Would like to know more about Rulang Primary School. Can Anyone who know about this School  (besides info which is readily available on the School webpage) tell me more…many many thanks.

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