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2007 PSLE*

Address: 1, JURONG WEST ST 72 ( 649223 )

Nearest MRT: Boon Lay MRT

Bus Services: Bus 99 , 242

Telephone: 62679234


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West Grove vs Jurong West

Hi ChiefKiasu / all parents,

I wish to know compare these West Grove & Jurong West, which school is better? my son will register soon.

Please advice.


Thank you


i m too stressed myself… i suppose under 2C…. not phase 3…..hahaha..don know wether can get in…just opposite my house…any more 2nd choice school 2 recommand for backup…???

West Grove

 hi Novena
After phase 2B, there are still phase 2C and phase 2C supplementary before phase 3.
West Grove will not have any balanced places after phase 2C.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

West Grove - start balloting for phase 2B

oh no…. even PV from phase 2B still need balloting..how abt Phase 3…..

West Grove vs Jurong West vs Rulang

Hi, i’m staying in the vicinity of these 3 schools (1-2km for West Grove, Jurong West, >2km for Rulang). Pls help rank these academically? Also what is the difficulty in getting into the PVs for each of these schools?

Pioneer chances

Take a look at the past 3 years’ balloting history for Jurong West schools. Pioneer ends up with slightly less of its places unoccupied after Phase 2C. You don’t need to worry if you are OK with Pioneer Primary as a backup option.

Primary School Registration

I am lost when realised that I have missed the chance to join as parent valunteer for the school that I planned to register for my boy for PI in year 2010 ( registration in year 2009). Means, we will be at Phase 2C registration.

We are staying near West Groove & Pioneer Primary School. I planned to register my boy in West Groove as first choice ( go for balloting ) & back up in Pioneer Primary School.

Mr.ChiefKiasu, any advise on above? What is the chance to get in Pioneer Primary School if my boy failed to secure a place during phase 2 at WGroove.




West Grove vs Rulang

Hi Cedele, not sure why you should start panicking now because the take up rates for both West Grove and Rulang are actually lower this year compared to last year, after Phase 1.  And there has been no balloting for either school in Phase 2B in the last 2 years.  So if you can get into Phase 2B for either school (I don’t know how you managed it, but I guess you must have your ways ), you should be quite safe getting a place in either school.  There will definitely be balloting for both schools in Phase 2C even if you stay less than 1km away.

As for which is better, Rulang has shown greater consistency in academic achievements, and is typically considered the top school in that area.  That said, West Grove is certainly a strong contender, especially given that it is so close to you.  The safe bet would be to go with West Grove.  If you think getting into a stronger (and definitely more stressful for both parents and students) school is worth the while for a slightly higher risk, then go for Rulang.

BTW, there are much better experts than myself such as Bishan_Mom when it comes to such matters.

West Grove Vs Rulang

Hi, ChiefKiasu

We need your advice here.  We will be due for Phase2B registrations and have not make up our mind on West Grove (within 1km proximity) and  Rulang (within 2km proximity).  Both may need balloting for this year.    Do you have any advise for us?  Which school is better in academic.  Also, what other better schools in Jurong besides these 2 populars one incase we get kick out for Phase 2B.  Your expertise advice is appreciated.