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2005. PSLE+

Address: 31, SENJA ROAD ( 677742 )


Bus Services: 170 , 171 , 176 , 178 , 180 , 187 , 190 , 960 , 961 , 963

Telephone: 67600178


Official Website:

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Hi, Iwould like to know more


Iwould like to know more about the progress of this school. Appreciate your comments.


Wondering mum.

How is this school

Hi Parents

I would like to hear from you on the progress of West view. I am wondering if I should send my kids next year. Appreciate your advice.

If your child is in first

If your child is in first class, I think the progress is quite fast.

About West View

Last year, West View produced 2 students with 272. I heard that this year result is not good. More importantly is your child gets good teachers.

West View Primary

Just like the others, I would like to find out abt the school as well. Not so much abt the school performance, will be of my interest to find out more abt the students & teachers. All this while, I have been eyeing for this primary school cos it’s within 1km, however, views have changed after what i have encounter. Of cos, I simply cannot just based on one incident to judge. Would be very interested to hear more views. Also, I realised that west view has always been the lowest fill up rate among the primary school at Bukit Panjang area. Any thoughts around it?

westview pri sch

Hi to all parents out there,i came across this website while checking out the pri one sch vacancy slot in bukit panjang.

After 2nd time unsucessful balloting in neighbourhood schools ,my son got a sch in westview pri  sch but i m quite unsure of the progress of the sch and also got remarks such as the sch response is quite slow as this sch is more than 2km away from home.

Can any parents whom knew abt this sch progress and their acheivements let me noe as i m very worried for mi son as this is mi first experience.

worried mum


west view primary school


i am planning to put my daughter (P2) in west view primary schools. can anyone help me how is the school performance in terms of coaching of subject. how is the psle results from this school


joyti, based on P1 take up


based on P1 take up rate popularity, i would reckon that you stand better chance in the less popular school that are ZHENGHUA, LIANHUA,WEST VIEW,BUKIT VIEW. I’m not sure about CHIJ and MES, but the rest that you listed are VERY VERY popular including Bukit Panjang.

for the ‘waiting form’ it may just be a form for you to fill up and they’ll contact you once they sort out the administration. in any case, it’s best to ‘press’ the school for an answer as the year is coming to an end. if not, next best thing is to enquire from MOE. not too sure how is the procedure like. sorry.

also, not sure if they’ll need to let your girl undergo a test to see if she fits into the local P5 standard or need to merge into local education system by taking a step back and start at a lower level.


Hi,New thanks for writing.I


thanks for writing.I have gone to all the school personally.all the school have given me waiting form.school’s which i have been are,CHIJLQOP,ZHENGHUA,RAFFLES,MES,ST.ANTHONY,LIANHUA,WEST VIEW,BUKIT VIEW,HENRY PARK,KEMMING.

BUKIT PANJANG SCHOOL ,have not even given me waiting form after saying that there is long waiting list.

totally confused, need some advise.


joyti, I am quite surprised


I am quite surprised that the schools around hillview area has no vacancies for P5, as a number of them are not full capacity during P1 registration.

Have you tried all the schools? Or only those that you think is popular?

Did you enquire via phonecall or email? There may be some miscommunication too.


how to get admission

dear kiasu,hi

I am shifting to singapore in 2008 dec.want to get admission for my daughter for primary five.i have inquired in so many schools.all are saying no vacancy.so pls tell me how my daughter will get admission for 2009 year.i stay in hill view avenue road.thanks in advance.

thanks Chief  

thanks Chief


West View Primary

I think West View Primary is a good all-rounder school which has made remarkable progress in both academic and CCA in just 10 years of its founding.  Definitely worth considering especially if it is near your place.

West View Primary

Hi!  Does anyone has any comments about West View Primary?  I have to register my daughter this Tuesday, under Phase 2C Supplementary.  Please advise.