[Total: 10    Average: 2.4/5]


2002. PSLE*

2004. PSLE+

2007. DA-CD

2007. PSLE+

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Year % of Passes
  Yu Neng National
2006 96.80 97.70
2007 97.50 97.70


Address: 56, BEDOK NORTH ST 3 ( 469623 )

Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT Station

Bus Services: 14 , 17 , 18 , 28 , 66 , 67 , 69 , 225

Telephone: 64490121


Official Website:

Parents' Network:

Ballot History:


results on balloting

Hi,im sorry does anyone know how to check the results on balloting,i called the school today,the staff there told me will call me by today to let me know whether my son is selected,but they did not call me,so i don’t know whether to find another primary school for my son.sigh…..

Yu Neng

hi ksmummy_of_2
Based on past years’ registration statistics and if the trend continues, it is safer to do PV for Yun Neng for a better chance of getting into the school.
Balloting for Phase 2C had been for within 1km for the past 3 out of 4 years.
You can check the details here
Good Luck !

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Need parent volunteer

Does any one know whether to register to yuneng primary school needs to do parent volunteer?