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Founded in 2013 by a Princeton grad and local top student, Academia’s learner-oriented pedagogy blends the best of our local education system with strategies re-engineered from educational research, institutions, and liberal arts colleges. Our curriculum is refined continuously by teaching experts, including a team from Oxbridge and the Ivy League.

A trusted tutoring provider, we believe in igniting an affinity for learning whilst producing outcomes. Our students’ results speak for themselves, with over 60% AL1s for the 2021 and 2022 PSLEs, 100% A/B for the 2021 O-Levels, and a 70% Distinction rate for the 2021 A-Level General Paper.

Our Curriculum

Primary Curriculum
Our Primary School curriculum is carefully designed to reflect the latest learning pedagogies. In our fundamentals programme, we engage through real learning and real skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our curriculum is layered with critical reading, questions to trigger meta-awareness, and a myriad of other skills that are deliberately designed to help your child grow.

Our intermediate primary programme aims high because many of our clients also aim higher. We cover the MOE syllabus and go deep into grammar rules, vocabulary development and higher-order critical reading skills. We’ll begin honing writing abilities at this stage, building finely-crafted and remarkable vocabulary and idiomatic use of language.

Our upper primary PSLE programme covers a broad range of content, skills, and techniques to help our students achieve their AL1s for PSLE. Our PSLE programme is a multi-dimensional and highly layered programme that creates massive advantages for all our students. Composition writing is taken to the next level, and idiomatic expressions and the most culturally relevant vocabulary are impeccably woven into our students’ writing.

We have designed a path forward for clients who have high ambitions for their children. Starting from early primary, where our students ultimately do go on to various first-tier and second-tier gifted programmes; to our intermediate programme, where our students accumulate significant advantages in English, and prepare for what would otherwise be a formidable increase in expectations in Primary 5; leading to our upper primary and PSLE programme, which cannot be replicated by any other centre and is the reason why we achieve one of the best PSLE results of any English centre in Singapore.

Secondary Curriculum
Our early secondary programme is the culmination of many years of research and running various English and Literature programmes to cater to the diverse needs of the Integrated Programme, O-levels, International Baccalaureate, Language Arts, and Literature. We go so much further by layering critical thinking skills, exposure to big, global topics, learning literary analysis, and much more. Our students are equipped with transferable skills that they can apply to any domain in the humanities, and many go on to do well, not only in English and Literature—all of their humanities subjects.

The O level programme is designed specifically to help our students achieve their A in English. As the O level English paper revolves around real skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking, we know that we have to equip students with actual skills as it is not possible to rote memorise your way through the O levels. In short, we prepare for the O levels, focus on achieving those As, and equip our students with critical reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that exceed expectations.  

The IP syllabus is challenging at the upper secondary level and there is a lot at stake. We divide our students into two broad categories: those who follow the pedagogy and learning aims of General Paper and those who do an enhanced version of the O-level English paper. We have crafted a syllabus to attend to both sets of requirements. For schools doing the GP-inspired syllabus, we also start building skills specific to their examinable components. Application to the local context is essential, and we’ll also build a critical understanding of Singaporean issues so the application questions can be tackled in depth. For schools doing an advanced version of the O-level curriculum, we build in higher-order literary and expository comprehensions, layering in semiotic systems analysis, rhetorical device analysis, multimodal texts, critical thinking questions and much more.

Academia also offers a Literature Programme that caters specifically to students who choose to undertake Literature at Upper Secondary level. We focus on developing authentic and transferable analytic skills, so as to empower students with the tools they need to deconstruct and critically analyse all kinds of texts, using critical theory that is relevant to all forms of literary analysis.

General Paper Curriculum
Many General Paper centres conflate lectures, slides and a lot of talking, with little work done to show for it. That’s not how we do it at Academia. We provide substantial, intelligent and detailed content notes and essay plans. We do actual writing in class, with detailed and helpful individualised feedback. No mass-market talk shops here. Throughout the programme, you will learn how to apply content and skills through constant practice. Analyse keywords in essay questions, brainstorm and strategise, write topic sentences, and construct sophisticated body paragraphs that show what you know about contemporary global issues. It’s the first step towards achieving your General Paper goals.

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