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Academy Kidz Inc Pte. Ltd.

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Avoid avoid avoid Academy Kidz at Hyflux

Complaints now piling up about this new centre from tired working parents still motivated enough to sign in and warn other parents to avoid this unprofessional and unaccountable place. I have never seen such a place! It only looked from the initial impression as a clean new big facility. Not managed, too many children to staff ratio, unhappy and poorly trained staff. A disaster waiting. My child was only there a few weeks before we found something else as quickly as possible. Dealing with them and refund was just as much a headache …

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Academy Kidz Inc - Hyflux

Didn’t saw this review previously when I was going enrol my kids in their Hyflux branch.

I guess is the management problem.

And here is seriously lack of staffs and is already a year.

Their explanations is all excuses….

AKidz Academy - Large Childcare Centre

Akidz is one of the largest CC in Singapore East. Its put up in a very  convenient locality at Chai Chee Technopark close to Bedok MRT, with drop and pick-up facilities. Its fully centralized (A/C) and the amount space they provide for the kids is just amazing. We had scheduled a visit to the place and Ms. Zara guided us through the entire process and we were convinced with the place. We stayed at Bedok and this was one center where we could find the availability for our kid as most of the other CC were full or were not accepting kids at that moment.
We put our kid there for a week before we decided to withdraw. There was not too many things to crib about but the few we encountered were far too many as a parent.
1. Principal – Ms.Tina, she was the primary reason for us to think about withdrawing our child from the CC. She was stubborn and arrogant in her attitude, trust me, if I had met her during our initial visit then we would not have proceeded with that CC. The biggest challenge was she could not communicate or understand what we said. All she knew about is Fees. She didn’t have a clue of how many kids and how many staffs were present.

We were told that the parents cannot accompany the child after the front door even on the first day. If the child cries non-stop for 3 hours continously then they would inform us and ask us to pick them up.

2. Lack of Staff – There were around 24 kids of various age groups (18 mths to 5 1/2 yrs) with 2 teachers and they were expecting couple of teachers to join in a month. It was not a montessori pattern but typically short of staff.

When we let our kid he started to cry the moment he was taken into the center. Even though he enjoyed the place when we took him for the trial session he disliked it on the real day. This was expected as it happens to be a new environment. I was quite hesitant to go as he was crying. But the principal asked us to leave the place immediately. Though reluctant we stayed outside the center to see if anything changes in him. Since the center was air conditioned we could hardly hear anything from outside but we could still hear our kid weeping after more than 30 min. I stepped in to speak to the principal to see if I could accompany him for sometime and she was strict to say, “No, we cannot permit the parents to see their child as this would become a habit”. We felt that all the courteousness, smiles, welcoming words had disappeared after we had made the payment. After arguing with the principal for more than an hour I managed to get into the center. What I saw next was puzzling, there were around 24 kids and there were 2 teachers managing them. There were few kids who were crying continously in the corners of the large room (the room he liked a lot during the trial session, which had large mirrors). The moment I picked him the other kids who were crying came towards me as well. After sometime there was a new session (Music) and they enjoyed for a while until the big ones started to bully the little ones. It was not a Montessori pattern where we have all the kids under the same roof. Thats when we understood that they were running short of staff.

We took our child on day 2 when the Principal gave an explanation, your child was crying on and off for the maximum of 2 hours only and after which he fell asleep. Then he started to cry when he woke up. On questioning why they didnot inform us, since we have a policy to call parents when the child cries continously for 3 hours we didnot inform you.

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