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Apple Plus School

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Quality of the service's amenities (1=Poor,5=Excellent) 3

Affordability of the service (1=Expensive, 5=Affordable) 3

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Review based on visit to Apple Plus@Bt. Timah: Located in the basement, quiet location and on the day of visit, the escalators were not working. Classrooms were a tad small.

Apple Plus offers both Abacus and Mandarin Enrichment classes - review is based on Abacus classes. Center Manager was friendly and seems to know the parents and students very well.

The cost is average ($32-$35 per lesson) :
• 10 lessons – abacus – 350$ per term – 90mins – for below 5
• 10 lessons – abacus – 320$ per term – 90mins – 5-12years old (once a week)

To help with cost, there's "Parent referral program" – with confirmed sign on - a $30 credit is credited to the next term.

1 Free trial class is available and there's also a special package of 4 lessons for parents who want to try it out before signing on for the 10 lesson package.

There's a $10 non refundable registration and material cost of $90 for Abacus lesson and $10 subsequent books as the students complete the workbooks.

The Abacus lessons are structured, not tailored and is based on development. Until they have mastered then they will be moved to the next book/ level. I found the classes to be a little big with 1 teacher to 10 students.

Parent-Teacher Communication - face to face - twice a month and if there's any issues, teachers will call parents by phone. A term report is given on top of the twice monthly meet with parents.

There's usually an Abacus competition held in August, an optional Abacus grading exams in November certified by Taiwanese Abacus Organization at an additional cost of $30 (price as of 2016, subject to change).

by on Mon, 19/09/2016 12:15pm
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