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Ark Learning Point

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Address: Blk 225 Bishan Street 23 #B1-119 S(570225)

Telephone: 64552006 / 90904395



School Homework Supervision (for P1 to P6 students only)

Worried about your child’s school homework, test assessments and examinations?

We provide after-school supervision and guidance for children to complete their school homework while their parents or guardians are still working.

For many parents and caregivers, how to effectively manage the time for their primary school children, for the hours between the end of the school day and when parents or guardians return home from work, is often a challenge. We believe that supervised activities during this time can aid in your child’s development and can potentially relieve parents and guardians of the additional stress of coaching their children’s school homework, after a long day at work. In addition, we understand that for many parents and guardians, having safe and meaningful after-school activities to occupy their children’s time, is of utmost importance.

Our School Homework Supervision Programme is a study programme where students are supervised on their school work by our teachers and supervisors. It is offered for all students every weekday (excluding public holidays and school holidays) for P1 to P6 students. Upon completion of their school work or in the event where there is no school homework, students will be provided with additional assessment books or worksheets, in various subjects, so as to reinforce the work done in school. We also provide supervision over other enriching activities such as silent reading, art and craft, educational games, and speech and drama.

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Enrichment Classes for dyslexic students (for P1 to P6 students only)

 Dyslexia can limit a child’s potential to achieve and adversely affect school performance. We believe that no child should take that journey alone, and should be equipped with skills to help overcome their difficulties. Our classes will help children grasp the knowledge and context of their school subjects, using different learning methodologies, so as to help overcome reading and writing difficulties. We will also help the children to improve their spelling using phonics principles.

Phonics Course

Helping the learners to read can be an exciting shared adventure, so give them a head start by giving them a chance to learn phonics.

Learn to Read is a complete systematic and comprehensive phonics programmes that guarantees reading within the shortest time possible. Learners could read few hundred words after the completion of our Elementary Level.

PensAway Programme


The Pensaway programme is designed as an interactive , exam-oriented programme which teaches students to:

  • Learn the essential writing skills
  • Learn to write and score in the exams
  • Guided in a step-by-step approach
  • Acquire the thinking skills
  • Become independent writers

1) HOW to write

  • Learn how to brainstorm, plan and organise a story
  • Learn to close the story gaps by writing a logical and sequential story
  • Create the complete story by expanding the details.
  • Learn the mark-scoring storylines for each topic


2) WHAT to write

  • Learn what to write using the Pensaway customised vocabulary lists for every topic covered. The Pensaway programme ensures that the words are suitable for your child’s academic level and scores the vocabulary marks required for the composition exam.
  • Learn to improve sentence fluency through the use of sentence starters and sentence connectors.

Enrichment classes for year-end Examinations (Primary 1 to 6)

Our enrichment programmes are specially catered for students taking examinations, by reinforcing their knowledge and teaching examination techniques. We have a team of dedicated and experienced tutors with good track record in coaching students to excel in their studies.

Our teachers are well qualified and dedicated to gearing students towards achieving knowledge and education, with interest and enthusiasm.

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Student Care Service

At Ark Learning Point, we provide comprehensive Before- and After- School Care programmes, for students of the age from 7 to 14 years old.

We are nestled within the Bishan neighborhood which is easily accessible to parents whose children are studying in the neighborhood schools such as Catholic High, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, Ai Tong Primary, Marymount Primary, Townsville Primary, Guang Yang Primary and Tech Ghee Primary School.

We are registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

We are able to assist in applying for Comcare Student Care Subsidies, so that students can benefit from this assistance scheme

Our student care operating hours

Monday to Friday

Before-school care: 7:30 am to 1:00 pm

After-school care: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

School Holiday care: 7.30 am to 7.00 pm

Our Programmes for Student Care Service

We have dedicated, experienced and qualified teachers to coach and supervise your child’s school work, as well as to provide intensive coaching on all subjects.

Our services include the following:

  • Nutritious Meals
  • Supervision of school work
  • Intensive Coaching on all subjects
  • Character and Team Building through indoor & outdoor activities
  • Computer Corner for E-learning
  • Reading Corner for self-learning
  • Recreation Corner for rest and relaxation

For more enquiries:

Contact us at: 64552006 / 90904395

Visit us at:

Blk 225, Bishan St 23, #B1-119, Singapore 570225

Blk 678, Hougang Ave 8, #01-515, Singapore 530678 (New centre – will start operating in Jan 2018)

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My child enjoyed the phonics programme at Ark. The learning environment is pleasant & fairly convenient to get to. Recommended!

by on Mon, 27/06/2022 10:56am

Student Care Centre who cares for the children

This student care centre works with parents closely in order to help the children in the centre.

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