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Ascension Kindergarten

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Re: Nanyang kindergarten

 There is no priority given to NY Kindergarten students to enter NYPS. They still need to go through the same P1 registration.

Nanyang kindergarten

Hi, anybody out there to advise on whether is it direct entry to nanyang pri if child attends nanyang kindergarten? Thks….

Ascension Kindergarten

Both my sons graduated from there and seems to enjoy it. I would say is fun-filled n teachers r experienced n dedicated. Admin staff quite proud but not all. Pricey? Tink so as they have a lot of extra charges.

ascension kindergarten - overrated & overpriced

Principal of ascension kindergarten spends more time outside the school, does not know and does not care much about whats going on and what is the truth.

Vice principal is inexperience and judgemental. 

K1 English teacher…she is the 4th english teacher for this year. Inexperience and unable to control the students in her class, out of work force for many years.

Deposit for school fee is also ridiculous at $730+. Yes deposit is equal to 1 term school fee.

Overall bad experience with this kindergarten. I had withdraw my kids from this ascension kindergarten.

This is my personal experience and personal view when dealing with this kindergarten. If you are not happy with what you are reading, then it is too bad.

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