Beijing Language School


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Located within the Waterway Mall - with the MRT right under it - last stop on the Northeast Line.

Service Agent - Rachel. She was patient in giving the information I asked. They have programmes for N1-Sec 4, both group based and individual. An assessment is required to determine the standard of the child. They follow the MOE syllabus.

Lessons are 1.5hours and group size of 10-12. A non-refundable registration fee of $20, Deposit of 4 lessons that one can offset as course fees. There's no material fee, a $10 discount for parents who make payment for 12 lessons fees and there's a 10% discount for the second child or programme signed up. One can sign up for 1 trial lesson or 4. There are a total of 11-12 lessons per term.

There are 3 holiday programmes - a 16 Days Speech and Drama Holiday Programme for N1-K2 - cultivating the love for the language. A P1-P6 programme focusing on the new oral format. And a Han Yu Pin Yin Intensive for K2-P2.

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