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Best POA Tuition

POA Tuition

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Address: Kallang, at tutor’s home

Telephone: +65 90509010/ +65 9465 5257



Fancy scoring “A”s for hard to tackle subjects such as accounting? Best POA Tuition has the answer. Helmed by Mr Edmund Ling who is a chartered accountant with 30 years of tuition experience behind him, Best POA sees 90% of its O and N Level students scoring “A”s for their examinations.

POA Tuition

POA tuition

The classes are conducted in small groups or 1-to-1 personal coaching so that each student gets enough attention from the teacher. 1-to-1 classes are priced at $60 per hour for 2 hour sessions while group classes cost $45 per hour. Students who are weaker will benefit from 1-to-1 coaching while group settings are conducive for learning from peers’ mistakes and motivation from classmates.

Best POA has to its feathers helped students from as many as 85 government secondary schools, private schools and polytechnics and has stay current to follow the latest education syllabus.

POA Tuition

POA Tuition

Students’ testimonials:

“My grades in Sec 3 were F9s for POA, but within 4 months, by the time I am in Sec4 CA1, I had gotten B3. This motivated me to work harder and during Prelim 1, I topped the school for POA. This could not have been possible without Mr Ling’s help.” – Harold Tan,Bartley Secondary School (Moved from F9 to A1 for 2017 O Level examination)

“I just could not seem to find the correct ways to study POA. Mr Ling believes in the basics, he believes that we must build a strong foundation of knowledge in order to succeed in POA or any other subject…his teachings also inspired me to do well in other subjects.”- Roan Choo, St Patrick’s School ( Moved from F9 to A1 in 2017 O Level examination)

“I feel demoralised and wanted to give up on POA….However, after a few months with Mr Ling’s guidance and commitment towards helping me, I was able to achieve more than a pass , an A1, and even emerging as first in cohort in my Prelims.” –Lim W. J, Bukit Merah Secondary School ( Moved from F9 to A1 in 2017 O Level examination).

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