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Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten

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This kindergarten

This kindergarten definitely deserves some mentions! The principal Ms Irene Wee is very experienced and has been serving the school for many years. She is dedicated to the welfare of the school, esp. the students. Many of the teachers are also experienced, patient and responsive and have been serving there for many years too.

The programme is well-structured and teacher-student ratio is quite proportional. The principal and class teachers communicate with parents regularly on updates of our children and the school programmes. Both my daugthers (elder one in K2 & younger in N2) enjoy school very much there and have benefit not only academically, but also in social skills and spiritually in the Word of God. During morning assembly, they have singing, story-telling and prayers.

We like the school facilites too. Lessons for all conducted in individual, well-ventilated classrooms. School facilities include computer room, music room, ample children toilet facilities and outdoor playgrounds.

To help ease the traffic flow and limited parking around the kindergarten, they even have schedule for teachers to be on duty daily to help escort arriving students dropped off by parents who drive, from the main gate into the school compound. They have the same after-school escort service so it’s a pretty efficient pick-and-go without the headache of traffic jam and long waiting to pick-up and drop-off your kids to/from school everyday!

My husband and I are truly thankful for the enriching programme and stable, structured environment our children are enjoying in the school.

 Two Thumbs Up to the principal Ms Irene Wee and all the teachers!!


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