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Address: #02-05, Tides, 217 East Coast Road Singapore 428915

Telephone: 6957 6900



BibiNogs is a specialist bilingual and Chinese language preschool. Our proprietary BibiNogs BE curriculum, designed based on the multi-domain approach, seeks to groom children to BE:

  • Confident and expressive
  • Kind and considerate
  • Appreciative of global cultures

Early childhood education curriculum specialists craft our proprietary BibiNogs BE curriculum to cover the child’s overall development. The 5 domains are:

  1. Cognitive development
  2. Numeracy and language skills
  3. Motor skills
  4. Social and emotional development
  5. Creativity and appreciation of the arts







We believe that to teach children a foreign or second language, our lessons have to be hands on, interesting, and about the things around them that the children can see, touch, smell and hear. They should experience the learning.

Our curriculum brings contexts and life experiences in a fun and engaging manner in our bilingual and pure Mandarin immersive classrooms to help our children make sense of the world around them.

We aim to groom children to be confident and expressive, kind and considerate, and appreciative of global cultures in an immersive and holistic language environment.

Our Philosophy and Values


  • Nurturing
    Teachers teach with their hearts
  • Diverse
    Diversity is not only appreciated but celebrated
  • Creative
    Children are encouraged to connect ideas and think about thinking in different ways
  • Passionate
    Children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for life are fueled by teachers’ passion for them
  • Expressive
    Children shine brightly with confidence and expressiveness


#02-05, Tides,
217 East Coast Road
Singapore 428915
Tel: 6957 6900

BibiNogs Kids Academy
Serene Centre,
10 Jalan Serene,
Singapore 258748
Tel: 6466 4167

BibiNogs Preschool K.A.
#B1-01 King’s Arcade,
559 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269695
Tel: 6466 5357

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