Blk 111 Bedok North Road Playground

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Address: Blk 111 Bedok North Rd, Singapore 460111

The playground at Blk 111 Bedok North Road was generally catered for children age 5 and above, but younger children could still play with the metal chimes are the bottom.

Blk 111 Bedok North Road Playground 01

There were two slides at the playground: A slightly wavy one that was shorter, and a taller curved slide.  To get up to the top of the slide, kids could choose among a number of options, with the easiest being simple steps that even young children can manage.

Blk 111 Bedok North Road Playground 02

The highlight of the playground imo was the pendulum swing that was not so common in HDB playgrounds. 

Blk 111 Bedok North Road Playground 03

Playground Basic Information

Opening Hours  24 hours
Admission Fee Free
Recommended Age Group 5 – 12
Type of Playground Outdoors; Dry
Type of Flooring Rubber
Handicap-friendly features
Rest area for parents Benches beside the playground
Nearby Toilets / Showers
Nearby Food / Drinks Seng Shiong Supermarket nearby
Nearby Shelter HDB blocks beside playground
Nearby Parking  HDB open carpark for Blk 111 Bedok North Ave Rd
Drop off Not allowed
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