Blk 772 Bedok Reservoir View Playground

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Address: Blk 772 Bedok Reservoir View, Singapore 470772

The playground near Blk 770 – 772 Bedok Reservoir View was divided into 3 distinct play areas. 

Blk 770 Bedok Reservoir View Playground 02

The main playground had 4 slides of varying heights, and kids had to climb up via metal ladders or a spiral pole to get to the top of the slides.  There were also smaller green steps for younger children.   Around the playground, there were activity boards such as gear board and tic tac toe.

Blk 770 Bedok Reservoir View Playground 01

The next play area was a maze with plenty of activity boards – catered for young children. 

Blk 770 Bedok Reservoir View Playground 03

Inside, kids could learn about traffic signs, ABCs, play with drums and read about where some animals come from.

Blk 770 Bedok Reservoir View Playground 04

Blk 770 Bedok Reservoir View Playground 05

The third play area was a rock and rope climbing course.   It was pretty manageable even for young children. 

 Blk 770 Bedok Reservoir View Playground 06

On the whole we loved the variety of activities at this playground and how it catered to children of different age groups and different interests.

Playground Basic Information

Opening Hours 24 hours
Admission Fee Free
Recommended Age Group 2 and above
Type of Playground Outdoors; Dry
Type of Flooring Rubber
Handicap-friendly features
Rest area for parents Benches beside the playground
Nearby Toilets / Showers
Nearby Food / Drinks Minimart, coffeeshop and vending machine within 300m radius
Nearby Shelter HDB blocks beside playground
Nearby Parking Blk 769A and Blk 772A Bedok Reservoir View carpark
Drop off Not allowed
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