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Breeze Education is set up to simplify the learning process of students so that they can begin to solve challenging Maths problem sums. Instead of drilling students with many different problem sums, the lesson is structured around 29 skill sets through which many challenging test questions are based on. Once the student is familiarized with the skill sets, they can link a question with the skill set and solve it. This will take the ‘guessing’ out of solving problem sums.

Breeze Edu

The lesson is conducted by Dr Francis Leow who has 17 years of tutoring experience. Dr Francis Leow is adept at improving students with different learning abilities. He started tutoring during his undergraduate days and has 6 scientific journal publications. His research experience has trained him to be methodical and conscious of his approach to solving a problem. It is with this background that Dr Francis has developed this method. Dr Francis believes that students can improve much faster when there is a clearer framework.

Features of this program include:
« For P5 and P6 students (2 different classes depending on the ability of the student)
« Unique approach of 29 skill sets
« Skill sets were created after compiling challenging problem sums from exam papers of various schools
« Small class size of 6 students
« Personally taught by Dr Francis Leow

Breeze Edu

Featured testimonials:

Throughout my P6 year, Dr Francis has guided me through the easy and very often tough concepts of Mathematics. Now as a secondary 2 pupil, he continues to inspire me to do better and his wonderful style of teaching will continue to aid me in the future as well. He is an avid teacher and is definitely someone who should be teaching your child.

Isabella, 2013-2017, P6 Maths, E.Maths, A.Maths, Chemistry
Balestier Hill Primary School/Saint Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School,

As a parent, I found Francis to be a dedicated and patient tutor. He is good in helping his students build strong foundations in the respective subjects he taught. Moreover, he has innovative methods of addressing their weak areas in the various subjects. During the 8 years that he tutored my two children, he has proven to be capable of motivating them to achieve their personal best, in both Secondary School and Junior College. My son and daughter have secured places in local universities, majoring in Engineering and Accountancy respectively.

Angela’s children was taught by Dr Francis from 2005 – 2012 from Pri 5 till JC2. Subjects taught include PSLE Maths, E.Maths, A.Maths, Physics, Chemistry, H2 Maths, H2 Chemistry

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